WBH Weekly Blind News Digest – Edition 43

What's Inside

  • 70% of blind are unemployed, LightHouse/ Miami works to change that
  • Blind drivers get to drive on race track
    -Scary Halloween haunted house touch tour for blind
  • Blind concerned with accessible voting and their rights
  • And, roughly 60 more articles about blindness and blind people from all over the English speaking world

Editorial By Chris Hofstader

This has been another pretty big week for news about blindness and blind people with more than 55 articles in this news digest and another 20 or so in tomorrow's science digest. It's quite a diversity of subjects and we're certain you'll find a lot here interesting.

One story jumped out at me as it's been an issue regarding safety while walking in a city. In this story, a woman in UK tells of her experience not being able to cross a bicycle lane to get to her bus stop so she could get to an appointment at her hospital. We do a lot to try to help blind people remain safe from motorvehicles but they have the attribute of making noise and we can hear them coming and with a little practice we can tell how fast they're moving and how far away they are. If you're in a big city like San Francisco, there is some noise coming from almost every direction and bicycles and skateboarders who ride really fast can't be heard coming. I've literally no fear when crossing a street caused by cars, trucks or busses but the a silent bicyclist weighing 175 pounds and moving at 25 miles per hour could cause a pedestrian severe injury or in some cases death. I don't want to discourage carbon free transportation nor the exercise bicyclists get but maybe we need to add some kind of noise making requirement? I've been walking across what sounded like a perfectly empty side street and a bicyclist missed my dog's nose by maybe a foot; I was walking down a steep block on Haight Street when a guy on a skateboard missed my dog and I by inches. If you have friends who like riding bicycles fast or skateboard down steep hills, ask that they get a bell or something or at least yell "look out" if they're approaching us rapidly.

The other thing I like about this edition of the news digest is that it has stories from a wide range of locales. We strive to bring our readers news from as much of the world as possible and, this week, the world came through for us and delivered with stories from nations we've never heard from before.

How It's Organized

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Thirukkural and other Tamil literary works to be available in Braille script

… Tamil (CICT) is planning to bring out 46 great Tamil literary works including Thirukkural in Braille script for the benefit of blind people. This story comes to us from: The Indian Express.

Old Students Association for Blind concludes Ramayana Path reading in Braille

Around a hundred visually impaired persons, from various parts of North India besides various representatives of NGOs, gathered in the campus of Home for the Blind – an institution established in 1954 by Dr.Sadhu Chand Vinayak a philanthropist of that time – to participate in the Ramayana Path. Presently, 42 inmates are staying in the campus, out of which 30 are pursuing Plus One onwards, education from the college. This story comes to us from: babushahi.

Braille trail launched at the Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden

Designed for blind or visually impaired people and people who use wheelchairs, the 154m long trail was launched on 30 September. Visitors to the trail are treated to a sensory experience with plants and rocks that can be touched and aromatic plants that can be smelled. This story comes to us from: the South African.

Blind, but they can see

Aubri was among a small group of blind and visually impaired who took part in “Celebraille” on Saturday in the DeArmond Building at North Idaho College. The event was organized by Jordana Engebretsen, president and owner of Vocalife, whose mission is to “empower students with visual disabilities and enrich his or her vocational and/or life goals." About 50 people attended the hourlong gathering that saw her students sing, play keyboards and share the history of braille. This story comes to us from: Coeur d'Alene Press.


New tech lets blind, visually impaired people play Trackmania

In the process they've managed to make Trackmania accessible to even those who are totally blind. This story comes to us from: PC Gamer.

Douglas Co. demonstrates new voting machines for blind

Douglas Co. demonstrates new voting machines for blind. “Everybody should be afforded the right to vote a secret ballot and to vote independently. This story comes to us from: WOWT.

Production of sustainable, smart white cane for visually impaired people demanded

Rights activists at a program called for taking necessary steps for the production of sustainable and improved smart white cane for visually impaired people at both public and private level in the country. Steps should also be taken so that the poor people can easily get it at reasonable price, they said this while addressing a discussion meeting and cultural programme in the capital, according to a press release issued on Sunday. Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organization (BERDO), an organization working for improving the socio-economic condition of people with disabilities, organized the event at its Rupnagar office, marking World White Cane Safety Day. This story comes to us from: Dhaka Tribune.

Blindness Organizations

70 percent of blind adults are unemployed. Miami Lighthouse is helping to change that

The Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired may be best known for its impactful work bringing free eye exams to local schools and hosting early childhood education for vision impaired youth. A year ago, Miami Lighthouse opened Florida’s first CVI center to respond to the leading cause of pediatric visual impairment. All this work continues, of course, but this 91-year-old award-winning Miami nonprofit organization has also long supported adults as well, and recently has been doubling down on its digital literacy programming as well as its website accessibility advocacy. It’s all about helping the blind and visually impaired effectively engage in our digital world. This story comes to us from: Miami Herald.

Bosma aims to improve employment rates for Hoosiers who are blind or visually impaired

Indiana employers looking to fill empty positions are being asked to consider Hoosiers who are blind or visually impaired. This story comes to us from: WISH-TV.

Charity gives blind people unique circuit experience]

ANGLESEY Circuit has been hosting a disability track day today (October 17) – giving those who would never normally be able to drive the chance to get behind the wheel. The day, hosted by the Speed of Sight charity, invited people who are blind or have visual impairments, learning difficulties and more to take to the Ty-Croes track. In all, 18 people from around the UK, were – one-by-one – given the rarest of opportunities to take on a 20-minute race around the circuit alongside their instructors. This story comes to us from: The Leader.

Dearborn Heights, Taylor residents honored by Bureau of Services for Blind Persons

A Dearborn Heights and Taylor resident were among 18 people recently honored by the state Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) Ichard Oden (Taylor), and Munzer Abu-Kharsa (Dearborn Heights) were the local residents that were given awards. Both awards were for “Vocational Rehabilitation Customers." These awards recognize individuals who achieved their goals for employment or independent living after vision loss. This story comes to us from: The News Herald.

Memorial collection raises £470 for Ceredigion Association for the Blind

The Tregaron and Llanddewi Brefi branch of the Ceredigion Association for the Blind has received a cheque for £470. This story comes to us from: Cambrian News.

Sightsavers Launches Eye Health Manifesto

Sightsavers has called on governments in Africa and their development partners to focus more on the importance of eye care. The international non-governmental organisation (INGO), Development Diaries understands, recently launched a ‘manifesto for change’, which is under its ‘Eye Health Equals’ campaign. This story comes to us from: Development Diaries.

Dine in the Dark' event benefits visually impaired, blind

Dozens of people came out for a special dinner Thursday night at Berkshire Country Club in Bern Township. It was an eye-opening experience with their eyes blindfolded shut. "It's just a small snippet of what someone with vision loss goes through," said Lori Schermerhorn, president and CEO of the Vision Resource Center of Berks County. Community members sat down for dinner wearing blindfolds to try and navigate a meal without their sight. This story comes to us from: wfmz.com.

Blind Logic Productions announces their support of October's Blindness Awareness Month

We wish to bring a heightened focus on the blind and visually impaired community and the realities of living without sight. This will further educate the public about eye health and the latest research innovations in the treatment of eye disorders and share inspirational stories about blind people overcoming tremendous odds. This story comes to us from: Digital Journal.


Cost of living: Blind psychotherapist seeks extra job to pay bills

Psychotherapist Nicki Cockburn is looking for a second job to cope with the cost of living. This story comes to us from: bbc.

What types of jobs can people who are blind or have low vision do?

This story shows a long list of jobs blind people are doing that one might not expect one of us to be able to do.

With appropriate training and equipment, people who are blind or have low vision have the same range of abilities as anyone else. This story comes to us from: National Technical Assistance Center on Blindness and Low Vision – Mississippi State University.


Advocates question Detroit paratransit contracts with Transdev

The Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) says it will deliver on its promise of improving service for residents with disabilities, despite continuing to work with highly criticized contractor Transdev. Driving the news: Users of Detroit's federally mandated paratransit service have called for DDOT to leave Transdev behind, and advocates were originally told DDOT was "removing Transdev," Richard Clay, a board member with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) of Michigan, tells Axios. This story comes to us from: Axios.

North Carolina blind man drives for the first time in 17 years

A Winston-Salem man who is blind drove for the first time in over a decade. Shaun R. Cabell Sr. got behind the wheel of a car for the first time in 17 years as part of an event called the "Blind Driver Experience.' The event, held Friday at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds was organized by the Blind Power Company in collaboration with the Winston-Salem Twin City Host Lions Club. This story comes to us from: WXII 12.

Discrimination and Inaccessibility

Veterans Affairs record system shuts out visually impaired patients

Veterans Affairs' electronic health records aren't friendly to blind- and low-vision users, whether they're patients or employees. This story comes to us from: USA Today.


Blind woman's nightmare as London cycle lane 'stops her getting to hospital

I've spent a lot of time in San Francisco which has a lot of steep hills and would swear that I was far more likely to be injurred by a bicyclist or high speed skateboarder than I was a car or bus. A bicyclist weighing 175 pounds and speeding along at 25 miles per hour will cause you severe harm or even death if you get hit. Worst of all, SF is a big city, it's noisy and you can't always hear a bicycle coming.

A blind Londoner can't get to the hospital for her eye appointments as she has to cross a cycle lane to get on the bus. Hyacinth Malcolm can't travel to St Thomas' Hospital or to shops near her home in Tooting and Balham because bus stops near the locations are separated from the pavement by a cycle lane. This story comes to us from: MyLondon.

First York drivers shown the challenges faced by blind people

BLIND and partially sighted people have been demonstrating the challenges posed by their poor eyesight to York bus drivers and managers. This story comes to us from: The York Press.


Couple arraigned in Lagos for alleged $4.7m theft

The Chief Executive Officer of Lionstone Offshore Services Ltd., Amaechi Ndili, and his wife, Njide, were on Wednesday arraigned in Lagos for alleged $4.7 million fraud. The couple appeared before an Ikeja Special Offences Court on a three-count amended charge. This story comes to us from: Within Nigeria.

Blind man charged with sexual assault against niece

A visually impaired man pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court today to sexually assaulting his nine-year-old niece. This story comes to us from: New Straits Times.

Guide Dogs

Rainham blind man with guide dog 'refused service' at Babasheesh restaurant at Chatham Dockside

This article takes place in a Turkish restaurant where the owners are likely followers of Islam. Many Islamic people, based on a passage in the Koran, believe that dogs are dirty and to be avoided. So, is this a case of the blind man's civil rights being violated, the restaurant's religious rights being infringed upon or both? If a Christian bakery can refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding, can an Islamic owned business refuse service to a person with an animal that offends their religious beliefs?

A blind man says he was refused service at a restaurant because of his guide dog. John Willis, from Rainham, had met friends at Chatham Dockside for an afternoon meal, along with his assistance dog Quiz the labrador. Babasheesh, Chatham Dockside
Babasheesh, Chatham Dockside
But when the 56-year-old grandad and his two friends, Richard Delaney and Lara Delaney-Gray, entered the Pier 5 Turkish restaurant Babasheesh on Saturday, he says they were refused service and told to leave due to his guide dog. This story comes to us from: Kent Online.


Already facing barriers, voters with disabilities are troubled by latest bids to block ballot access

Sean Gold, 23, well knows the hurdles people with disabilities face in exercising their voting rights. “My mom, aunt and I were at the DMV,” said the St. Louis man, recalling the day five years ago when he signed up to cast his first vote. “I saw the forms on a shelf and I got one out as they were busy in line. My aunt came over and helped me. The only thing I could do was sign my name at the bottom. This story comes to us from: Youth Today.

Leicestershire County Council left visually-impaired woman without help

Following the Royal National Institute of Blind People's initial complaint, the council said the woman had "declined support during the pandemic. This story comes to us from: BBC News.

Wyoming Council for the Blind collecting testimonials for next legislative session

The Wyoming Council for the Blind will be gathering testimonials to bring to the Wyoming legislature in the coming months. According to the American Community Survey, around 15,000 people are visually impaired in the state of Wyoming. Cheryl Godley, president of the council, hopes getting stories out there will spread awareness on certain issues like guide dogs, like what she uses or white canes. This story comes to us from: Wyoming Public Media.

A blind man in his fifties aspires to run in the National Elections

Mohammed Hassan Ghareeb Al Hosani, a blind citizen, 58, who has been employed in Dubai Municipality for 30 years, hopes to run for the Federal National Council elections, in order to address the needs of people of determination, enhance their role in society, and highlight their achievements and capabilities. This story comes to us from: Globe Echo.


Woman who blinded herself in jail settles for $4.35 million

She told the San Diego Union-Tribune that a simple conversation could have prevented her injury. This story came to us from: The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Ladies Professional Golf Association class action claims website not accessible to blind

The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) failed to make its website fully accessible to individuals who are blind or visually impaired, a new class action lawsuit alleges. Plaintiff Lawrence Young claims the LPGA’s website is not independently usable for individuals who are blind or visually impaired due to it not being fully compatible with screen-reading software. Young argues that not having full and equal access to the LPGA website is a “denial of its products and services offered” and is therefore in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This story comes to us from: Top Class Actions.


"“It takes courage to date a blind man” – Visually impaired Nigerian man writes moving words to his wife after their wedding (Photos

A visually impaired Nigerian man, Demola Adeleke has written touching words to his new wife, Temmy. The lovely couple held their traditional wedding on October 8 and their court wedding a couple of days back, after dating for close to two years. This story comes to us from: moving words.

7 Blind Women Of Colour Blazing A Trail

Every October, Blindness Awareness Month brings a heightened focus on the Blind and Visually Impaired communities. Disability is oftentimes told from the non-disabled perspective, especially within the entertainment, media and advertising industries. These 7 women are not only changing the narrative but ensuring others have access to do the same. From the stove to the stage, these women are accomplishing incredible achievements despite the systemic barriers that they face. This story comes to us from: – Forbes.

The life journey of a blind Tanzanian professor

At a tender age of just six months, in 1959, Edward Bagadanshwa fell ill to measles which completely destroyed his left eye.
When he was enrolled to school, seven years later, a stray arrow from his childhood friend finished the other eye, making him a completely virtually impaired person.
However, these unfortunate incidents did not deter the man who is now a professor of education, special education to be precise. This story comes to us from: The Citizen.

Scare DSM debuts immersive touch tour for blind visitors

Scare DSM opened its zombie containment center for the first-ever touch tour. That way, people who are blind are immersed in the spooky experience. Trained audio describers led blind Iowans through a maze as they touched everything from zombies to fake blood and guts. This story comes to us from: KCCI.

Molly Burke Tries Out Aira, an App for the Blind, Around L.A.

Creators with disabilities have made refreshing inroads as influencers in recent years. And a new campaign for a real-time visual interpreting service—used by blind and low-vision people—shows how they can bring charm and warmth to what's essentially a product demo. Aira is an app that uses the smartphone as an interface to connect low-vision people with trained visual interpreters, who help them navigate their environment in real timej. This story comes to us from: Muse by Clio.

Blind Man Plays Sax Daily to Cover Wife's Treatment, One Day Hears 'You Don't Need to

A blind man plays the saxophone in a subway station every day to raise money for his wife's operation until he meets a kind man one day. The next day, the same man tells him to stop playing for good with a shocking revelation. "Sir. Sir, here, take this money. Do you need more?" Dylan told the old saxophone player at the subway station. He was on his way to work, but the tender tones of the instrument pulled him toward the man, and he couldn't leave until that particular song ended. He saw that people were leaving the man tips on the soprano saxophone case on the floor, but Dylan wanted to give him $20 right on his hand and ask why he was working at his age. This story comes to us from: AmoMama.

Blind widow who was fostered at birth set to adopt baby boy

A blind woman who was fostered at birth looks set to adopt a baby boy currently in her care after becoming the first visually impaired foster parent in the area where she lives. Katie Strickland, 30, became a licensed foster parent in September 2017 alongside husband Ryan, who was also blind. Ryan tragically died just days after the pair fostered their first child – a baby boy. A heartbroken and grieving Katie was determined not to let their hard work go to waste. This story comes to us from: Wales Online.

Widow whose daughter went partially blind cries out for justice

A pupil of Methodist High School, Aba, Abia State, she returned from school with her eyes badly damaged, leaving her almost blind. Tears filled her eyes as she narrated the incident leading to the damage. This story comes to us from: New Telegraph.

Meet Pretty Blind woman who won Miss Port-harcourt city Beauty Pageant 2022

A Pretty young lady identified as Favour Rufus who went blind at age 8 has won Miss Port-harcourt city Beauty Pageant 2022. This story comes to us from: Naijmobile.

Celebrating independence of those who are blind and visually impaired

White Cane Day was held at Garden City Center on Oct. 15 and celebrated the independence of Rhode Islanders who are blind and visually impaired. This story comes to us from: Cranston Herald.

M'sians Praise This Blind Little Amazing Girl From Sabah For Her Bright Personality & Independence

Having a lack of vision or experiencing vision loss can be a disadvantage because it can affect one’s quality of life, independence, and mobility. However, despite the challenges, many blind people are able to rise to the occasion and lead ordinary, if not extraordinary lives. For example, this young Malaysian girl from Ranau, Sabah who recently went viral on TikTok for her bright personality and ability to be independent despite being blind. This story comes to us from: World Of Buzz.

Seeing without eyes

WATCH out! I shouted at the man, as he nearly walked into my parked car. “Can’t you see where you’re going?” I asked. “No,” he said, “I’m blind.” I walked upto him and took his hand in mine, I was glad he could not see the tears in my eyes. This story comes to us from: Pakistan Observer.

Art and Artists

Hawas project: making cartoons accessible for blind children

Children with visual impairments face many challenges, from learning in school to performing simple everyday tasks that require sight. But 25-year-old Aseel Shaqra noticed another difficulty, one you might not think of at first. Visual impairment raises a huge barrier for children to enjoy cartoons, affecting not only their access to entertainment, but also their social relationships, as they may not have the same associations with on-screen “heroes” as their peers. This story comes to us from: Jordan News.

Kenyan artist paints for the blind

Kenyan artist Tina Benawra paints images that can be read in Braille, in the hope of allowing visually impaired people to experience and enjoy art. This story comes to us from: DW.

Sports and Athletes

[Story of a Man Who Loses His Sight Then Returns to Backcountry Skiing and Guiding][

Tyson manages to not only return to backcountry skiing but to find a way to bring other blind and visually impaired skiers along with him. This story comes to us from: SnowBrains.

BH-BL senior competing for U.S. Blind Hockey Team this weekend

There are always readily available household objects to make size comparisons. If you follow weather broadcasts, you’re probably familiar with golf ball-sized hail. The ice hockey puck Max Shear stickhandles and shoots “is like a big tuna can,” he says. The brain tumor that blinded him was “about the size of a good-sized peach,” his mom Holly says. This story comes to us from: The Daily Gazette.

Sudbury woman makes history with the Canadian National Blind Hockey Team

A Sudbury woman is making history after being selected to play on the Canadian National Blind Hockey Team. The team is currently in Fort Wayne, Ind. to compete against team USA in the third National Blind Hockey Series.
Officials with the team said it’s very similar to the traditional hockey that most have grown up with, but added that there are a few differences. This story comes to us from: CTV News Northern Ontario.

This blind Phoenix man is running the 2022 NYC Marathon

On a hot Fourth of July afternoon in 2011, Daniel Nevarez was driving to Chandler when the road in front of him began to disappear. “It was scary," he said. "I closed my eyes and I noticed that it was completely green and light gray in my right eye and I couldn't see anything. So I pulled over and called my wife. " “I was worried because it was a holiday weekend and I couldn't get a doctor’s appointment till Tuesday." This story comes to us from: AZCentral.

We are determined:' Blind runner competes in marathons

“I like to represent the blind and show the blind they can do anything we want,” Paul said. This story comes to us from: NewsNation.

Yuvraj Singh Named Brand Ambassador Of T20 World Cup For The Blind

The Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) on Friday announced former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh as their brand ambassador for the 3rd T20 World Cup for the Blind to be held in India in December. I. Ajay Kumar Reddy B2 (Andhra Pradesh) will lead the Indian team while Venkateswara Rao Dunna – B2 (Andhra Pradesh) will be the vice-captain. The World Cup matches will be held from December 6 to 17. This story comes to us from: Glamsham.

Nonprofit to host free skateboard lessons for Portland's blind youth

The Northwest Association for Blind Athletes will host a beginner skateboarding clinic for blind and visually impaired youths at the Adidas training facility at 2318 NW Vaughn St. in Portland on Oct. 23. The event will help young skateboarders learn the basics, like balancing, pushing and riding in a controller environment. Each rider will be given a free skateboard, pair of skate shoes, helmet, T-shirt and skate tool, which they can keep. This story comes to us from: KOIN 6.

Cricket Association for Blind In India starts giving training to blind woman

This story is shown as a YouTube video but it's great to see the gals are getting involved in blind sports over in India.

This story comes to us from: YouTube.


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