Blindness Briefs – Edition 64

What's Inside

  • ChatGPT impersonates blind person to con human into solving CAPTCHA.
  • Blind man beheads wife for thretening divorce.
  • ACB protests for accessible currency.
  • Care home sued for starving blind woman to death.
  • EEOC sues Papa John's for refusing to hire blind person.
  • Daniel Kish speaks on human echo location.
  • Adaptive designers making fashion more accessible.
  • Magician does show for blind person to experience.
  • Blind golfer gets third hole in one.
  • And, about 50 articles about blindness and blind people from all over the world.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 60

What’s Inside

  • 3D technology helps blind "see" with tactile graphics.
  • Why one shouldn't be afraid to hire a blind person.
  • More business partnerships to help blind people secure employment.
  • First Islamic blind school opens in Ghana.
  • 80 year old blind man set ablaze in reprisal attack.
  • More on MrBeast controversy.
  • Schedule released for IBSA World Blind Football games.
  • Woman accuses blind man at gym of staring at her and refuses to shut up when she learns he's blind.
  • And, more than 50 articles about blindness and blind people from the entire world.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 59

What’s Inside

Blind students struggle to get braille textbooks on time for their studies.
Lot’s of new Internet related lawsuits.
More on the MrBeast controversy.
Creating jobs in massage for blind people.
The right “to get stoned” and other web site accessibility problems.
Officer demands bribe from blind man.
Teaching blind football online to women players.
And about 45 articles about all things blindness and blind people from the entire world.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 55

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