Blindness Briefs – Edition 76

What's Inside

  • Fashion magazine release braille edition.
  • How Mick Curren and Jamie Teh changed the way blind people live.
  • Mania and psychosis after acquired blindness.
  • Blind women called "health and safety risk" and forced to leave cruise.
  • An Action packed sports section.
  • And, more than forty articles about all things blindness from all over the world.

Editorial By Chris Hofstader

This week, I'm going to go off book here and write not about anything related to blindness but, rather, I'm going to write about my father, Bob Hofstader who died suddenly last Tuesday. When people ask me how I was able to be successful at various times in my life, I usually respond, "I made one great decision, I selected my parents very carefully before I was born." In fact, they had everything to do with my successes.

If you've known me personally, you would likely know that my dad and I spoke on the phone nearly every day and at least several times per week. We would talk about all sorts of things we both enjoyed and he was a constant source of encouragement even at my lowest moments.

When I was a little kid, my dad who was a chemist by training would bring home little experiments we would do together on our kitchen table. As I got older, he would give me books to read and I always enjoyed and learned from them. I would drive elementary school teachers crazy as, especially in math classes, I knew far more than they did and this would continue through high school. While I was still a little kid around age 10 (1970), my dad was editor in chief of a chemistry textbook being written at Lawrence Berkeley Labs and we lab brats had the run of the place in those joyous years before hyper security kicked in. At Lawrence Labs, I would find my way to the computers and started writing my first programs when I was eleven, something unheard of in 1971. My dad got me my first personal computer and encouraged me to become what led to a long and prosperous career as a software engineer or manager thereof.

Needless to say, I'm going to miss him terribly. I expect those of you who got to know him will as well.

How It's Organized

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Fashion Magazine Makes History with a Braille Edition

I am pleased to share that the magazine is now available in Braille, for blind and partially sighted people. This story comes to us from:


Imbibe routine eye checks to curb blindness

Alarming rate of visual impairments in the country should warrant an urgent review of eye care policies in the healthcare sector. This story comes to us from: The Guardian Nigeria.

How friendship between NVDA founders Mick Curran and Jamie Teh is changing lives for thousands of blind people

Jamie Teh and Mick Curran's screen-reading software is used in 175 countries. This story comes to us from: ABC News.

Canadian charity pushes for technological-led solutions to catch eye problems early

Tech & Science … CCB's objectives include promoting measures for the conservation of sight and the prevention of blindness for all. This story comes to us from: Digital Journal.

Alkeus Announces $150 Million Series B Financing

The pharmaceutical maker announced that it had raised funding for the registration and launch of gildeuretinol (ALK-001), a potential disease-modifying, Precision medicine for the treatment of Stargardt disease, a leading genetic cause of blindness in children and young adults. This story comes to us from: GlobeNewswire.

Millennium Partners with Crawford Technologies to Efficiently Create Accessible Marketing

Standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), … accessible to people with disabilities, including those who are blind. This story comes to us from: WhatTheyThink.

Science and Medicine

A baby born with a kilo and 600 grams got rid of the risk of "blindness" with rare surgery

GU Faculty of Medicine Ophthalmology Lecturer Prof. Dr. Under the leadership of Şengül Özdek, a rare surgical operation was performed to treat ROP. This story comes to us from: Morning Express.

Legally blind Rio Rancho woman regains complete vision after medical help

A Rio Rancho woman woke up at her dorm one day unable to see. She was blind within weeks, but years later, that life-changing diagnosis has been reversed. This story comes to us from: News 13.

Mania and Psychosis After Acquired Visual Impairment

Although not without controversy, both congenital blindness and “perfect” vision are now generally considered to be protective against schizophrenia. This story comes to us from:

Blindness Organizations

BBC local radio cuts slammed as 'blatant discrimination' against the elderly and disabled

The National Federation of the Blind UK has written to Downing Street demanding an urgent inquiry. This story comes to us from: Youtube.

Prevent Blindness leads efforts to address the impact of vision loss and blindness on mental health

This may be due to reluctance from either the ECP or the patient, such as not accepting that medical treatment is no longer helpful. This story comes to us from: Optometry Times.


Braille books for computers & music soon, pilot on AI in script for blind likely from July

From computer books to artificial intelligence (AI), measures are on course to make tech education available to the blind and visually impaired. This story comes to us from: Times of India.

Self-motivated, visually-impaired Pune student eyes big as she is set to join IIM Indore

20-year-old Sakshi Amrutkar was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa – a rare eye and genetic disease, that affects the retina. She is the first student from the NFBM Jagriti School for Blind Girls, Alandi to get into a top B-school. This story comes to us from: The Indian Express.


Mumbai News: Dr TP Lahane sacked as 'coordinator' of state's key blindness mission

The protest by resident doctors started on May 25 when 28 juniors in the ophthalmology department lodged complaints against Dr Parekh and Dr Lahane, alleging
lack of opportunity to operate, non-involvement in academic and research activities, and unpleasant and obscene language directed towards them. This story comes to us from: Free Press Journal.

Discrimination and Inaccessibility

'We felt like criminals' – blind women forced to leave cruise were dubbed 'health and safety risk

Two blind women from West Sussex say they were left upset and humiliated, after being escorted from a cruise ship because of 'health and safety concerns. This story comes to us from: ITVX.


Prague metro service halted after blind woman and guide dog fall onto tracks

Metro service on Prague's line B was halted this morning following the fall of a young blind woman onto the tracks. This story comes to us from:

He couldn't find his way out': Legally blind man dead after fire in Brownsville

A man who family members say is legally blind died after a fire erupted in his Brownsville home Tuesday. This story comes to us from: Spot On Florida.

Plea to consider blind people in Glasgow cycling project

A fresh plea has been issued to Glasgow's convenor for climate to consider blind and partially sighted people as the council implements its citywide cycling network. This story comes to us from: GlasgowWorld.


Blind rape survivor dies by suicide in Karnataka

MysuruA 58-year-old blind woman allegedly died by suicide in Karnataka’s
Vijayanagara district. This story comes to us from: Bengaluru – Hindustan Times.

Craigavon thug faces jail for blinding woman in one eye over 'debt'

He admitted “beating the life” out of a woman over a supposed debt. This story comes to us from:

Neighbour Pretends To Help, Dupes Blind Man Of Land

AMROHA: Harpal Singh
(45), a blind man, was allegedly tricked into transferring his agricultural land to his neighbour, who offered to help him get an ayushman card for the
treatment of his eyes in the Rajabpur area of Amroha. This story comes to us from: Meerut News – Times of India.

Amreli History-sheeter Kills Blind Man For Refusing Sex

RAJKOT: Investigation into the death of a 20-year-old blind man in Bagasra town of Amreli district revealed that he was murdered allegedly by a history
sheeter for refusing sex. Police on Friday arrested Mukesh Charola (35) for the murder of Prakash Rathwa, a resident of Kol village in Chhota Udepur district. This story comes to us from: The Times of India.

Blind Paralympian teams up with scent-trailing dog to find missing people

“I discovered discriminate scent trailing,” Jessica says. This story comes to us from: CTV News.


Northwestern University class action claims website inaccessible to blind, visually impaired users

… blind and visually impaired individuals are unable to access the website content in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This story comes to us from: Top Class Actions.

Personal Finance and Investing

Blind ex-Royal Marine wins lottery thanks to late wife

Alan Mizon called the £396,694 win – from a £3.2m prize – a “miracle” he put down to his late wife, Diana, who died of cancer on her birthday in July 2020. This story comes to us from:


Visual Impairment Market To Exhibit Ravishing Growth By 2030

It can range from mild vision loss to complete blindness. The Global Visual Impairment Market 2023-2030. This story comes to us from: Digital Journal.

Cortigent, vision restoration device maker, sets terms for $15M IPO (CRGT

… under a humanitarian device exemption for the treatment of profound blindness. … Cortigent is owned by Vivani Medical. This story comes to us from: Seeking Alpha.


'Don't Be So Creepy': Woman At Gym Asks Blind Man To Stop 'Staring At Her

The blind man was staring ahead minding his own business when a woman approached him. Initially, Toby didn't even realise the woman was talking to him. This story comes to us from: News18.

New upgrades make City Hall more accessible to those with disabilities

In honor of Disability Pride Week, Philadelphia leaders unveiled … of signage in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This story comes to us from: NBC10 Philadelphia.

What Does 'Mind-Blindness' Mean—and How Does It Hurt Autistic Kids?

For many parents of neurodivergent children, a diagnosis often comes accompanied by a slew of specialists. This story comes to us from: Yahoo.

I feel like the unluckiest mother on Earth": Woman with 11 blind children cries in video

According to a video shared by AfrimaxTV, the woman named Agnes Nespondi gave birth to eleven children who were all born with congenital blindness. This story comes to us from:

Art and Artists

David Block Doesn't Let Blindness Stop Him From Writing

Born legally blind and on the autism spectrum, the Ardmore resident is compelled to travel with his wares—his business card, the book he wrote. This story comes to us from: Main Line Today.

Renowned Star 'Blind', 'Partially Paralysed' Alleged After Covid Vaccine Complications

"A sense of concern has taken over the fans as new reports suggest that Hollywood star Jamie Foxx's mystery medical condition has left him "partially paralysed"
and "blind." This story comes to us from: Opera News.

Inside Looking Out: A blind man and his violin

when the train slides into the yard and the song lingers with breaths rising from every seat, I know I am too human to praise
What is fading. This story comes to us from: Times News.

High and higher: Ricky McKinnie on the longevity of The Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blind Boys of Alabama will grace the gospel stage at Riverfest in Wichita on Monday. The legendary group got their start in a school choir in 1939. This story comes to us from: KMUW.

WATCH: Blind, hijabi Indonesian teen wins hearts on AGT

Blind musical prodigy Putri Ariani left America's Got Talent judges and viewers spellbound. This story comes to us from: The New Arab.

Sports and Athletes

Blind Ridgefield woman now running with guide dog

A Ridgefield woman is able to enjoy life again thanks to her trusty companion and guide dog. This story comes to us from: News 12 Connecticut.

Michelob Ultra and FCB Harness A.I. to Help Sight-Impaired Folks Experience Sports

Danilo Boer: We worked with the American Foundation for the Blind as it turned out we needed hundreds of different sounds. This story comes to us from: Muse by Clio.

Knoxville native, blind veteran complete Mount Everest hike

It takes most people 25 hours of climbing from base camp to the peak, but it took them 45 hours due to Lonnie Bedwell's disability. This story comes to us from:

Berkshire cyclist and blind Westmore resident to ride entire 93-mile Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

New England Ski for Light announces an inspiring two-day tandem bicycle ride with a blind stoker pedaling behind a sighted steersman. This story comes to us from: St. Albans Messenger.


Blind Husky Teaches Her Friend An Unexpected Thing

Blind husky becomes best friends with another husky — and does the most amazing thing when he loses his sight. This story comes to us from:, Clayton News Daily.

Elderly Blind Cat Days From Being Euthanized Lives Best Life After Adoption

To save Apollo from this fate, the couple introduced him into their home where he has quickly become a part of the family. This story comes to us from: Newsweek.