Eight Questions to Consider Before Launching a Podcast

A lot of blind people explore the idea of starting a podcast. Among other things, Ann has a successful podcast and in this piece she answers questions that one should ask before starting a podcast of their own. It’s a very informative article.

Introducing Jenna

This is an article introducing Jennifer “Jenna” Aware. She’s a licensed social worker with a masters degree who will be answering reader questions in the upcoming regular column called “Ask Jenna.”

Amazing Customer Service

This is a story of an excellent experience Chris enjoyed at an Apple Store where there was a blind product specialist there to help him with his purchases. The customer service was better than he’d ever previously witnessed and describes how great it is when a blind customer is helped by a blind employee of said shop.

Why Braille Is Important To Me: A Day In My Life

This is an excellent article written by our new friend Ashley. She works for ViewPlus, a terrific manufacturer of innovative braille and tactile graphic embossers and she’s working toward her PhD in STEM Education with a focus on accessibility. We’re happy to have Ashley writing for us and we hope she’ll write much more in the future.