The X-Dog and Me

This is a collection of short stories about my experiences with my first guide dog X-Celerator whom I got from Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, Florida. I ran this story on my own blog in March of 2022 but very few people read it. Those who did read it, however, enjoyed it a lot and now that WBH has a considerably larger weekly readership, I thought I'd repost it and hope that the expanded audience will enjoy it as much as did the small number who saw it last year.

The Big Six Zero

A terrific story by published blind author Abbie Johnson Taylor about celebrating her sixtieth birthday. It’s a terrific read and especially charming for those of for people of all ages.

Who Led the Movement to Mastodon?

A short article by Aaron about the mass exodus of blind people from Twitter to Mastodon and who is responsible for providing the leadership on this matter. It celebrates Jonathan Mosen’s efforts to lead this movement while acknowledging the roles others have played as well.

Of Keys and Castles: The Social Model of Disability

Trevor, one of our regular writers, is back with a very well researched and written piece about the social model of disability theory. He explores the model and contrasts it with other models and provides sources so the reader can dig deeper into this important topic if they are so interested.