The X-Dog and Me

This is a collection of short stories about my experiences with my first guide dog X-Celerator whom I got from Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, Florida. I ran this story on my own blog in March of 2022 but very few people read it. Those who did read it, however, enjoyed it a lot and now that WBH has a considerably larger weekly readership, I thought I'd repost it and hope that the expanded audience will enjoy it as much as did the small number who saw it last year.

Amazing Customer Service

This is a story of an excellent experience Chris enjoyed at an Apple Store where there was a blind product specialist there to help him with his purchases. The customer service was better than he’d ever previously witnessed and describes how great it is when a blind customer is helped by a blind employee of said shop.

Science Briefs – Edition 24

What's Inside

  • River blindness effects in rural areas.
  • Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy that you should know.
  • Smokers twice as like to develop AMD and vision loss.
  • And, about 20 stories about the science and medicine related to blindness.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 61

What's Inside

  • Accessibility isn't just about technology.
  • Reading service needs volunteers.
  • What to know for law students with disabilities.
  • Blind woman claims Air Canada made her feel like a burden.
  • Braille clothing line changing fashion.
  • Artist says blind actors patronized by television producers.
  • Lots of sports stories about blind people all over the world.
  • John Boyer, pioneer in braille translation software dies.
  • And, more than 50 stories about blind people and blindness from all over the world.

Science Briefs – Edition 23

What’s Inside

  • Cape Coast teaching hospital cures more than 1000 from cataracts.
  • First non-human primate found to have Usher Syndrome.
  • Nigeria ends treatment for river blindness in four states.
  • FDA approves new treatment for blindness in older people.
  • And, about 18 articles about science, medicine and preventing blindness from all over the world.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 60

What’s Inside

  • 3D technology helps blind "see" with tactile graphics.
  • Why one shouldn't be afraid to hire a blind person.
  • More business partnerships to help blind people secure employment.
  • First Islamic blind school opens in Ghana.
  • 80 year old blind man set ablaze in reprisal attack.
  • More on MrBeast controversy.
  • Schedule released for IBSA World Blind Football games.
  • Woman accuses blind man at gym of staring at her and refuses to shut up when she learns he's blind.
  • And, more than 50 articles about blindness and blind people from the entire world.

Science Briefs – Edition 22

What’s Inside

First cure for RP using stem cells.
Injections for infants to stop premature Retinopathy, ,
Eye cancers that can lead to blindness and death.
Scientists use a bit of human brains in rats to cure blindness.
And, about a dozen other articles about the science and medicine related to blindness from all over the world.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 59

What’s Inside

Blind students struggle to get braille textbooks on time for their studies.
Lot’s of new Internet related lawsuits.
More on the MrBeast controversy.
Creating jobs in massage for blind people.
The right “to get stoned” and other web site accessibility problems.
Officer demands bribe from blind man.
Teaching blind football online to women players.
And about 45 articles about all things blindness and blind people from the entire world.