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World Blind Herald is unique among publications related to blindness and blind people. Unlike other sites that discuss blindness, WBH includes all of the information we can find about blindness and blind people from the entire English speaking world.

Discover stories about science and medicine, braille, crime, legal issues, employment, education, business, politics, blindness organizations, sports and athletes, fashion, culture, and lifestyle. We’ll even include stories that are simply weird and much more.

We are a team of independent blind people scattered throughout the English speaking world who share our own experiences as well as feature as many other writers as we can in order to show the entire spectrum of the blindness experience.

Our fundamental values are that the community of blind people is not homogeneous and that different blind people have different values, dreams and aspirations. We intend to show this spectrum in all of its brilliant colors.

World Blind Herald made its debut on January 4, 2023, and is published weekly.

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If you are interested in writing for us, you can become a featured contributor, or you can submit a guest post. Submit an article on a regular basis, just once, or every once in a while. Read our author guidelines page for all the details.
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Our mission:

The mission of World Blind Herald is to inform and entertain readers by publishing articles on a wide array of topics regarding blindness and blind people from the entire English speaking world.

Our values:

World blind Herald began with two similar and related ideas in mind. First, we wanted to show that the blind community is not homogeneous, and is as diverse as the rest of the world in which we live. We want to show that different blind people have different values, different interests, different jobs, different goals and different aspirations. This is true for the small group that is building WBH, for most of the blind people we know personally, and for the thousands of blind people we read about as we curate news briefs from around the web.

WBH Is Politically Neutral, Mostly

WBH has no intended political bias. We will not include articles about anything political that does not specifically concern blind people or the civil rights of the disability community at large. If a congressperson, senator, judge, governor or other official does or says something that could lead to the weakening of laws like ADA, Rehabilitation Act, CVAA, IDEA or any of the similar state laws, we will
denounce their statements or actions. Conversely, we will celebrate anyone from the same group of officials if they do or say something to strengthen said legislation or enter new legislation that will better enforce our civil rights.

Blindness Politics

WBH is officially neutral on issues regarding blindness advocacy organizations. We will write articles about these groups when or if they do or say something we feel is news worthy.


WBH is a secular publication and will not include articles that evangelize for any specific faith. We are not, however, anti-religion. If a religious organization does something of value to the blind community, we will run that kind of article and quite a number of articles that have appeared in our news digest have already done so.

Social Issues

WBH will not use any racist, ethnic, religious or other hateful slurs in its articles. When the gender of a person in our articles is not determined, we will use gender neutral language unless we know the specific pronouns used by the individual in question. We will use no slurs or make any negative judgements about the LGBtQAI+ community, we’re about blind people and not about condemning anyone’s sexuality.

Social issues will inevitably be discussed in our articles and how they will be covered will be left up to the author and editor of the specific article.

The primary objective of World Blind herald (WBH) is to bring as wide an array of news and other information related to blindness from as many English language sources as we can find. There are no subjects related to blindness that we will not consider including in an WBH article or in our weekly news briefs.

Chris Hofstader, Editor in chief.

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