Blindness Briefs – Edition 89

Digest Template What's Inside Editorial By Chris Hofstader We appologize for disappearing from publishing Blindness Briefs with little notice. This is 100% my fault as … Read more

Blindness Briefs – Edition 87

What's Inside

  • A movement to move NFB 2024 convention from Florida over LGBTIA+ discrimination.
  • Sharing the history of Colorado's blind.
  • Lego to start producing bricks with braille.
  • Women in prison making braille books for kids.
  • US EEOC releases new rules for blind in workplace.
  • An RP clinical trial gets go ahead.
  • An action packed sports section.
  • And, about 60 articles about blind people and blindness from the entire world.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 86

What's Inside

  • Stem cell treatments for blindness.
  • A celebration of blind literacy in St. Lucia.
  • Can paratransit systems be fixed?
  • Foot braille required for blind on curb cuts.
  • An action packed sports section.
  • And, about 55 other articles about all things blind people and blindness from the entire world.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 85

What's Inside Stories about autonomous vehicles. Inclusive classrooms for blind students benefit everyone. Blind entrepreneur starts candle company. Electric cars and their potential hazards for … Read more

No Blindness or Science Briefs for the Week Of August 13, Will Resume During the Week Of August 20

To our readers,

Unfortunately there will not be an edition of either Blindness or Science Briefs for this week. Our editor-in-chief, Chris, has broken his right shoulder and so is out of commission, and since he is the one who does a lot of the work for Blindness Briefs and we are a small team, the Bus Principle applies.

There will be a double edition next week to make up for the missed one from this week.

Science Briefs – Edition 47

What's Inside

  • Retinal cells developed in hope for cure for blindness.
  • Relationship between gut and eyes may have implications for glaucoma.
  • Eye drops could replace surgery for common retinal disease.
  • Hypertension can lead to sudden blindness.
    And, 16 stories about all things science related to blindness.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 84

What's Inside

  • The future of design is accessibility.
  • DOJ proposes new rules to make US government web sites accessible.
  • AI detects causes of blindness.
  • Audio description people's choice awards.
  • More to the story of Helen Keller.
  • Blind man runs appliance repair shop.
  • EEOC issues new guidelines for blind in workplace.
  • An action packed sports section that's especially good this week.
  • And, more than 60 stories about blindness and blind people from all over the world.

Science Briefs – Edition 46-

What's Inside

  • Herpes virus based eye drops restore blind boy's vision.
  • More on vision relationship to dementia.
  • First eye disease treatment based on synthetic protein invented.
  • And, about ten more stories about the science medicine of blindness and the prevention thereof.

Blindness Briefs – Edition 83

What's Inside

  • United to add braille to their planes.
  • Will Supreme Court stop accessibility testers from filing law suits?
  • A number of stories around ADA anniversary.
  • How a blind boy became world famous mathematician.
  • Blind people can become software engineers.
  • Senator Markey reintroduces bill to expand CVAA.
  • An action packed sports section.
  • And, about 70 articles about all things blindness from the entire world.