Blindness Briefs – Edition 83

What's Inside

  • United to add braille to their planes.
  • Will Supreme Court stop accessibility testers from filing law suits?
  • A number of stories around ADA anniversary.
  • How a blind boy became world famous mathematician.
  • Blind people can become software engineers.
  • Senator Markey reintroduces bill to expand CVAA.
  • An action packed sports section.
  • And, about 70 articles about all things blindness from the entire world.

Editorial By Chris Hofstader

July is both disability pride month and the anniversary of the signing of ADA so a lot of articles this week surround those subjects.

There's an interesting story about the Supreme Court choosing to accept a case that is about whether or not a blind person who does not intend to do business with a particular company can file a lawsuit over ADA issues with the company's web site. The plaintiff is a blind woman who has filed something on the order of 650 lawsuits against hotels at which she had no intention of staying. Personally, I think all web sites should be made accessible and, because legislation like that submitted by Senator Tammy Duckworth during the lame duck session failed to pass, the only way to enforce ADA on the Internet is through lawsuits, if the court rules against this woman or expands a decision to limit lawsuits against inaccessible web sites, we will have no way to enforce it online. I urge all readers to call their congressional representatives and senators and urge them to support the legislation introduced by Duckworth and Markey. There's an article about the Markey bill in this edition as well.

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How It's Organized

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United is adding Braille signs inside planes to help blind travelers find rows, seats and lavatories

United is adding Braille signs inside planes to help blind travelers find rows. This story comes to us from:


Disability “Testers” Keep Businesses Accessible. Will SCOTUS Ban Them?

While the ADA was signed into law with bipartisan support in 1990, the civil rights of people with disabilities are now in the hands of SCOTUS. This story comes to us from: Mother Jones.

Deafblind Lawyer Haben Girma: It's Important to Think about Accessibility All Year

Haben Girma, the first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School. This story comes to us from: Yahoo.

New app developed at NYU Tandon School of Engineering promises to make navigating subway stations easier for people with blindness and low vision

A new trip-planning app has shown encouraging results in improving navigation inside subway stations, according to a study published in IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine, promising the possibility of easier commutes for people who are blind and low-vision. This story comes to us from: Newswise.

New app could help blind and low-vision people navigate subway stations

"Most GPS-enabled navigation apps address 'first' and 'last' miles only, so they fall short of meeting the needs of blind or low-vision commuters. This story comes to us from: News Medical.

Governor Healey Signs Executive Order Establishing Digital Accessibility and Equity

In the spirit of Disability Pride Month and on the 33rd anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA. This story comes to us from:

How Restaurants Can Stay ADA Compliant with Self-Service Tech

Not to mention that people with disabilities are incredibly loyal customers. This story comes to us from: QSR magazine.

ADA Anniversary: Accessible apps are blind Harrisburg woman’s ‘ramp to information superhighway

But are there accessible iPhone or Android apps for blind people? “It is certainly less known than wheelchair ramps,” said Londa Peterson, the access technology specialist at the non-profit Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania. This story comes to us from: ABC27.

Gene therapy eyedrops restored a boy's sight. Similar treatments could help millions

Antonio Vento Carvajal has been legally blind for much of his 14 years; a gene therapy delivered through eyedrops is allowing him to see again. This story comes to us from: AP News.

Blindness Organizations

'We're here': Billings disability resource group celebrates anniversary of ADA signing

“The importance of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it was an enabler to us to let … And I went, 'Okay, how come nobody told the blind girl? This story comes to us from: KTVQ. –

O'Rourke biking from California to Chicago to fundraise for blind

NFB, as O'Rourke is quick to point out, is the National Federation of the Blind, not for the Blind, but run by them. This story comes to us from:

Blind man completes the national three peaks challenge in three days and raises £5,000 for Berkshire Vision, Guide Dogs for the Blind and MyVision Oxfordshire

A severely visually impaired man climbed three of the nation's tallest mountains to raise money and awareness for three sight loss charities. This story comes to us from: Newbury Today.

$7.8M to upgrade, repair South Carolina Commission for the Blind campus

Approximately $7.8M from the state and federal governments are going to the Commission of the Blind for infrastructure improvements. This story comes to us from: – WLTX.

American Foundation of Blind president visits Huntington

The newly elected CEO of the American Foundation of the Blind visited our area to scout out a venue for a new documentary about Helen Keller. This story comes to us from: KWCH.

Golden Tiki's charity cocktail to benefit Nevada Blind Children's Foundation

According to staff, the "Slow Poke Rodriguez" features mezcal and tequila and sales will benefit the Nevada Blind Children's Foundation. This story comes to us from: KTNV.


Training Centre For Blind People At Aluva | Kochi News

Kochi: An employability training centre (ETC) for blind people was launched by Kerala Blind School Society, Aluva, on Friday. This story comes to us from: The Times of India – IndiaTimes.

Top 30+ Best Private Scholarships for Teachers & Educators In The U.S

Editor's Note: This article appears to be a list of scholarships, mainly relating to education majors, with some specifically for blind and visually impaired students. This story comes to us from: KnowInsiders.

How a BLIND boy became a renowned mathematician

Just a bit over a hundred years ago, a broken primus stove, which Lev Pontryagin was trying to repair, exploded right in his face, leaving the teenager completely blind. This story comes to us from: Russia Beyond.


Yes, people who are blind can be software engineers

In March, Branham and Edwards, along with Ali Abdolrahmani, participated in an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) National Network webinar. This story comes to us from: University of California.

India: Blind women use touch to find and fight breast cancer

Blind women in India are using their highly developed sense of touch to catch breast cancer in early stages. This story comes to us from: DW.

Updated EEOC resource about ADA, visual disabilities at work

Recent EEOC news releases about individuals who are blind. This story comes to us from: Saipan Tribune.

Visual Disabilities in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act

An individual who is blind should easily be found to have an “actual disability” under the ADA, because they are substantially limited. This story comes to us from: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Binghamton-based non-profit provides jobs to the blind

Ninety percent of the workers at this factory are either blind or visually impaired, according to Luigi DiRusso, production manager for the Association for Vision Rehabilitation and Employment. This story comes to us from: Spectrum News.

Longview, Texas man finds satisfaction, success working at restaurant despite blindness

Folding silverware in napkins. It’s the specialty of Richard Molpus who works for Posado’s in Longview. This story comes to us from: KLTV.

Teens with limited vision learn skills in Duluth

The camp focuses on transition-age youth, meaning ages 14-21, who have a degree of visual impairment or blindness. This story comes to us from: Duluth News Tribune.


DOT announces new rule on anniversary of The Americans with Disabilities Act

33 years ago, President George H. W. Bush signed the ADA, which prohibits discrimination based on disability. This story comes to us from: Spectrum News.

Have your say on train ticket office closure plans

Disability Rights UK, National Federation of the Blind UK, Transport for All, RNIB, RNID, Guide Dogs, Scope and the MS Society are all opposed as the proposals have been condemned as they add barriers to disabled people using the rail network. The story comes to us from: The Watford Observer.

Blind commuter slams rail ticket office closure plans

Penny Melville-Brown says a consultation on closing rail ticket kiosks has been "inaccessible." This story comes to us from: BBC.


Jersey Proud: NJ Transit police officer recounts his act of kindness in helping blind woman

A New Jersey Transit police officer spoke with News 12 New Jersey about helping a blind woman at Newark Penn Station. This story comes to us from: News 12 – New Jersey.

Man gets out of car to help blind man who inadvertently walks into traffic

The incident appears to have been recorded by the dashcam of the man's car. This story comes to us from: – The Indian Express.

Orange Park Fire Department rescues blind pup after falling into storm drain

The dog was described as being blind and fell into the drain due to its small size. This story comes to us from: Yahoo News.


Blindness and Poverty: The Blind Welfare Society in India

The World Health Organization estimates that 90% of the world's visually impaired live in the poorest countries. This story comes to us from: BORGEN Magazine.

Boyfriend abandoned me with pregnancy despite my blindness – Single mum

Godfrey George tells the story of how a visually-impaired 31-year-old single mum from Benue State, Agnes Jackson, was allegedly impregnated and abandoned by her lover in Lagos and her struggle for survival. This story comes to us from: The Punch Newspapers.


Blind man shot in Marabella

The 61-year-old man of New City Avenue told police he was at his home around 9.30 am when he heard loud explosions and felt a burning sensation to his buttocks. This story comes to us from: Trinidad Guardian.

Guide Dogs

Seeing Eye dogs helping the blind for nearly a century

Ever since The Seeing Eye Inc., was founded 94 years ago, its mission has been to provide a better life for the blind. This story comes to us from: New Jersey Hills Media Group.

Guide dog 'puppy raisers' meet for safari party in Boring

A local nonprofit called Guide Dogs for the Blind hosted their annual fun day at their campus in Boring on Saturday. This story comes to us from: YouTube.

Blind man swims across B.C.'s Georgia Strait in 11 hours to raise money for guide dogs

A blind B.C. man completed an 11-hour-long swim from Sechelt to Nanaimo on Sunday, raising over $120,000 for people in need of guide dogs. This story comes to us from: CBC.



On eve of ADA anniversary, lawmakers propose legislation to update technology accessibility regulations to ensure full and equal participation for people with disabilities in the digital age. This story comes to us from: Senator Edward Markey.

From DHW Director Dave Jeppesen: Americans with Disabilities Act is pivotal in our work to strengthen the health, safety, and independence of Idahoans

Thirty-three years ago this week, on July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. This story comes to us from: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.


Yamaha class action alleges website not fully accessible to blind, visually impaired visitors

The web site is not fully accessible to blind and visually-impaired visitors in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and New York City law. This story comes to us from: Top Class Actions.


Broker guides blind to homeownership dream

The husband worked for a facility that employed blind people, so the couple sought a home close to the job site as neither of them could drive. This story comes to us from: Mortgage Professional.

Night Blindness Treatment Market to Grasp Outstanding Growth of 6.30% by 2029

Data Bridge Market Research conducted a recent market intelligence study, thoroughly analyzing the Night Blindness Treatment Market. This story comes to us from:

Ophthalmic Drugs Market overview by recent opportunities, growth size, regional analysis

However, vision loss may afflict people of all ages. The majority of persons with visual impairment and blindness are over the age of 50. This story comes to us from: Industry Today.


Beware of pity

In her powerful memoir-cum-manifesto, Selina Mills tells us what she misses most, what irritates her most and why she won’t have a guide dog. This story comes to us from: The Spectator Australia.

It's National Disability Independence Day

You might say it started with the seeing-eye dog for the blind. This story comes to us from: ABC27.

Disabled and able

National Disability Independence Day, July 26, celebrates the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This story comes to us from: WSAV-TV.

Art and Artists

ART in the Dark 2023 – Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches

Have you ever imagined how a blind of visually impaired person interprets art? This story comes to us from: Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches.

Bay area woman who is deaf, partially blind becomes published author

A Tampa Bay area woman has certainly faced challenges in life, but she's finally accomplished her dream of becoming a published author. This story comes to us from: FOX 13 Tampa Bay.

Blind keyboardist overcomes obstacles

Blind keyboardist overcomes obstacles. Devin Gutierrez can't see the notes, and can't see the keys. This story comes to us from: FOX 7 Austin.

Jamie Foxx addresses COVID vaccine conspiracies that he was blind, paralyzed, cloned

The post came just more than a month after podcast host Dr. Drew Pinsky had gossip columnist A.J. Benza on his show to promote a wild conspiracy theory that Foxx had a “blood clot in the brain” that caused him to be “partially paralyzed and blind. This story comes to us from: Penn Live.

Blind photographers spotlighted in new show at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek

Blind photographers spotlighted in new show at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek. This story comes to us from: The Mercury News.

Sports and Athletes

World Blind Games: Meet the people training for the world's largest sporting competition for blind and visually impaired athletes

The largest sporting competition specifically for blind and partially-sighted athletes is heading to the UK for the first time next month. This story comes to us from: Sky Sports.

Football: Draw for the World Championships at IBSA World Games

The draws for the Blind Football World Championships (WC) and the Partially Sighted WC, both included in the 2023 IBSA World Games. This story comes to us from: IBSA International Blind Sports Federation.

Indian blind women's football team to make World Championship debut

It took eight visually impaired women to achieve this feat. The Indian Blind Football Federation (IBFF), the only entity authorised by the Paralympic committee. This story comes to us from: The New Indian.

Utica Woman Takes Part in Blind Soccer Event

A Utica woman is going to soccer camp next week, but it might not be what you think. Samantha Longo will wear a blindfold to learn how to play without sight. This story comes to us from: WKTV.

Former Williams Lake blind man successfully swims Georgia Strait

Scott Rees, a blind man, left prepares to depart for his successful swim across Georgia Strait on Sunday, July 22 to raise money. This story comes to us from: Coast Mountain News.

Belmar Unveils Plan for ADA-Compliant Skatepark

According to officials, the new skatepark will be a massive upgrade from the original, and will also be ADA compliant. This story comes to us from: TAPinto.

Recreational therapists from ASU, VA help veteran experiencing blindness learn archery

Veteran James Malone, an archer who is experiencing blindness, adjusts his bowstring at the Papago Park Archery Range in Phoenix with the help of his therapist, ASU alum Rick Alvarado. This story comes to us from: ASU News.

44-Year-Old Paralympics Gold Medalist Becomes First Blind Person to Complete the ‘Surreal’ Swim 44 Miles Across Lake Geneva, Switzerland's Largest Lake

In a feat that defies human limits and exemplifies the spirit of determination, Melanie Barratt, a Paralympic champion, has etched her name in history. This story comes to us from: Essentially Sports.

Envision Blind Sports Summer Camp 2023

Camp is the highlight of the summer for many kids. This story comes to us from: Erie News Now.

Two Blind Girls From Bengal's Backyard To Fly To Uk For Football Championship

Two blind girls, from poverty-stricken families in Nadia and East Midnapore, will be flying to the UK to participate in a blind women's football championship. This story comes to us from: The Times of India.

“Accept that you're going to be seen.” A blind Romanian climber's tale of courage

That's one way to sum up the story of blind climber Răzvan Nedu, captain of Romania's national paraclimbing team. This story comes to us from: Romania Insider.


Woman going blind from eye tattoos says she will never quit getting inked

Ink enthusiast Anaya Peterson has been warned that she may go blind because of her decision to get eye tattoos. This story comes to us from: TAG24.

Partially blind cat's way of communicating with humans in lift wins hearts

A heartwarming clip shows a partially blind cat communicating with residents in a building by meowing in the lift to indicate which floor he wants to go to. This story comes to us from: Hindustan Times.

Woman Loses Vision (for three weeks) After Opting For Blue Eyeball Tattoo, Claims She Doesn't Regret It

Amber Luke, dubbed "Australia's Most Tattooed Woman," claims that 98 percent of her body is covered in tattoos, including demonic symbols. This story comes to us from: IndiaTimes.

Mr. Magoo Vs. Daredevil: Are Blind 'Superpowers' Another Caricature?

After trademarking the name and patenting the training technique, in 2009 Hoffmann began licensing Discovering Hands franchises in countries where mammograms are not easily accessible, such as Columbia, Mexico and India. This story comes to us from: Truthdig.