WBH Weekly Blind News Digest – Edition 33

What's Inside

  • Accessible chess game available for NVDA
  • Accessible science education at Perkins School
  • Man charged with beating blind man in wheelchair to death
  • Forming body image as a blind person
  • And, about 60 more articles about blindness and blind people from all over the world-

Editorial By Chris Hofstader

This is edition 33 of Gonz Blinko's Blind News digest. With an average of roughly 65 articles per edition, we've brought our readers more than 2100 articles already this year and it's only mid-August. As I've been writing here the digest and the other articles associated with our new World Blind Herald will be moving to its own site scheduled to go live on January 4, Louis Braille's birthday and the anniversary of edition one of this digest.

The story of the week is in the Science and Medicine section and is called "Bioengineered cornea can restore sight to the blind and visually impaired." It describes how a group of researchers were able to engineer an artificial cornea from pig skin. While I only included one article on this subject as I don't like cluttering the digest with multiple articles about the same topic, this story must have run in at least a hundred publications around the English speaking world so my daily GoogleAlerts were jammed with stories about it. If you want to learn more about this research, a quick Google search will find you a lot about it. In the study, it was small with a sample size of only 14, all of those who received the implant experienced profound vision improvements and two tested at 20:20, the standard for good vision. This could be the first step in an actual cure for blindness among those who are blind due to problems with their cornea. Look for more on this subject as it arrives in our feeds in the future.

One thing that I've noticed in the process of selecting more than 2100 articles and rejecting about ten times as many is that the mainstream media seems to love stories about potential cures for blindness. Some of these describe what can only be described as a scam and I do what I can to filter those out. Some journalists, however, will take a press release about a scientific project and write a story based on it that makes claims the scientists did not include in their actual paper. We hope to write an article describing how a lay person can read this sort of article and determine if it's real or if the journalists sensationalized the story to get themselves more clicks. Either way, I urge any and all of our readers not to take medical advice from even the best of the scientific articles we publish without first consulting an actual ophthalmologist. Don't take medical advice from a web site. ,

How It's Organized

Gonz Blinko's Blind News Digest is a very simple page to read. The categories are at heading level 2 and the stories are links at heading level 3. So, navigation to the sections and stories you find interesting is quite simple.


Meet the Iowa teenager who won a national Braille competition: 'He wants to learn everything'

When Williamsburg High School student Nathan Deeds began participating in Braille competitions at age 6, he didn't expect to become the best in the nation just 10 years later. This story comes to us from: press-citizen.


Local Firm ViewPlus Opens World of Science to Blind

“Our technology opens the world of possibilities to the blind in STEAM – science, tech, engineering, art and math,” says Dan Gardner, CEO of ViewPlus, located on SW Airport Avenue in southwest Corvallis. Gardner, who joined the family business in 2015, is the son of John Gardner, emeritus professor of physics at Oregon State University, who led the team that invented the technology. This story came to us from: The Corvallis Advocate.

Technology helps UB law student fulfill dream inspired by her father

Maura Kutnyak is passionate about Buffalo, about being a parent, and about becoming a lawyer. She is currently in her last year of law school at UB and wants to pursue a career that strives toward making Buffalo a more equitable place for all who live here. This story comes to us from: UB Now: News.

chessmart: a fully featured, accessible chessboard for NVDA

At Henter-Joyce and into the Freedom Scientific days, we had a no cost downloadable chess game written by a U. Florida student as his senior thesis who we had do an an internship with us the previous summer. It was based on a combination of WinBoard, a FLOSS chess game which in turn is an interface to GNU Chess, a pretty good chess playing engine. I wonder if FS still has it available on their site.

Chessmart (chess: smart) is an add-on for NVDA that provides a fully featured, completely accessible chess playing environment for blind and visually impaired chess players. This story comes to us from the r/blind page on ReadIt.

EyeC launches Proofiler Version 4.2 and RS scanner system

Vision inspection system provider EyeC has launched Proofiler Version 4.2. The newest software version offers users of the EyeC Proofiler product line new features in Braille and code inspections. The company has also introduced the EyeC Proofiler 900 RS/1050 RS passage scanner. This story comes to us from: labels and labeling.

Tips to make your visual journalism more accessible

Happens with other positions, new roles at the internationally renowned newsroom signal areas that are becoming increasingly relevant for the media industry. Accessibility is no exception.
The Times announced recently that Jaime Tanner will lead these efforts. She will be tasked with the goal of making “the breadth and vibrancy” of its news reporting “available to every curious reader,” Deputy Managing Editor Steve Duenes said. This story comes to us from: ijnet.

New project to explore the use of conversational AI in libraries

Library makerspaces offer community members the opportunity to tinker, design, experiment, and create with a range of technology in an informal learning space. However, because current makerspaces and maker tools are highly vision oriented, blind and visually impaired (BVI) people have limited access to these learning opportunities. A new project being led by JooYoung Seo, assistant professor in the School of Information Sciences (iSchool) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Kyungwon Koh, associate professor in the iSchool and director of the CU Community Fab Lab, seeks to address this problem. This story came to us from: EurekAlert.

New electronic Qur'an to help blind and visually impaired at Makkah's Grand Mosque

JEDDAH: An electronic Qur’an is being introduced at Makkah’s Grand Mosque to help blind and visually impaired Muslims. Advanced braille-based technology is being used to create the Haramain electronic Qur’an, allowing blind and visually impaired visitors and pilgrims to read and access the verses of Islam’s holy book. This story comes to us from: Arab News.

Science and Medicine

Study Uncovers How Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals Navigate Social Challenges

A recent study highlights the range of uncomfortable situations people living with blindness or visual impairment encounter due to interpersonal communication challenges, and outlines strategies people with visual impairment use to navigate these situations. “This work validates the lived experiences of people with visual impairment,” says Lynsey Romo, corresponding author of the study. This story comes to us from: Newswise.

How the success of eye donation has helped control corneal blindness in the country

Eye donation in India has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Previously, eye donation was viewed as a medical procedure which required a donor. Now, the success of the Hospital Corneal Retrieval Programme (HCRP) has meant that eye banks do not report shortages. This story comes to us from: The Indian Express.

Four-year-old girl cured of congenital blindness through surgery at Chennai hospital

A four-year-old girl, who had congenital hereditary eye disease, was cured of the condition through a surgery at the Rajan Eye Care Hospital free of cost. This story came to us from: The Hindu.

Vitamin A: Sources, benefits & deficiency

Everything you need to know about Vitamin A, including where to get it from your diet. This story comes to us from: – Live Science.

Ashton Kutcher reveals a super rare form of vasculitis left him deaf and blind

Ashton Kutcher has admitted that he was previously suffering from a rare autoimmune disease that left him unable to see or hear or even walk. This story comes to us from: Woman and Home Magazine.

Vision impairment and blindness related to NCDs

Most cases of blindness and vision impairment in the country stem from non-communicable diseases. This story comes to us from: FBC News.

Bioengineered cornea can restore sight to the blind and visually impaired

Researchers and entrepreneurs have developed an implant made of collagen protein from pig's skin, which resembles the human cornea. In a pilot study, the implant restored vision to 20 people with diseased corneas, most of whom were blind prior to receiving the implant. This story comes to us from: ScienceDaily.

Eye, eye, eye! Why you need to care for your child's visual health

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month is celebrated in August every year to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of young ones’ eyes. According to statistics, one in 20 kids between the ages of three and five has a significant eye condition that, if left untreated, could cause permanent vision impairment. Despite this, worryingly, only one in five preschoolers receives regular eye examinations. This story comes to us from: FMT.

Blindness Organizations

Blind Institute of Technology Celebrates their 9 3/4 Birthday at their Sixth Annual Dining in the Dark

Blind Institute of Technology will celebrate its 9 3/4 birthday on October 8th at The Cable Center in Denver, Colorado. The Office of Accessibility at Salesforce have signed on to be the signature sponsor of the night as they are a main partner with BIT regarding the Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer courses. This story comes to us from: finance.Yahoo.

Ksrelief Implements A Voluntary Program To Combat Blindness In Morocco

SPA–King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has implemented a voluntary medical program to combat blindness and its causes in Tahanaout, Morocco, within the 'Noor Saudi Volunteer Program', during the period from 1 to 8 August 2022.
During the campaign, the center's volunteer medical team examined 3,185 cases, distributed 1,217 glasses, and successfully performed 280 cataract surgeries. This story comes to us from: menafn.

Prattville Resident Graduates from Blind Leaders Development Program

While in the program, Mr. Adams and his fellow graduates received extensive training in leadership, networking, communication, and other key skills for advancing in their careers and improving their effectiveness as they achieve higher levels of authority and influence. Other facets of the program included following the Leadership Challenge curriculum, attending a series of webinars, and being paired with a successful blind or low vision mentor who provided honest advice and feedback about what it takes to succeed in the workforce. This story comes to us from: Montgomery independent.

Drishti Foundation Hosts 5K Run and 1K Walk to Support Education for the Blind

Drishti Foundation, a Pennsylvania-based charity organization, is hosting a 5K or 1K run/walk at 9 AM on Sunday, Aug 28, in Wayne, Pennsylvania, to support blind children. The in-person event is open to all ages and includes a virtual section for people across the globe. This story comes to us from: my chesco.

Mae Sai School for the Blind Receives Support from Rotary Club

On July 27, 2022, the Rotary Club of Thai Town, Los Angeles, and the U.S. Embassy Civil Affairs Team donated a collection of items and sponsored a lunch for students at the Mae Sai School for the Blind. Donated items included three Perkins Brailler machines, Fender-donated ukuleles, basic hygiene supplies, and food items. Local rotary clubs also in attendance included the Mae Chan Rotary Club and Chiang Rai Rotary Club. This story comes to us from: U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Thailand.

What We Do – The Foundation for Blind Children

The Foundation for Blind Children provides a well-rounded system of programs and services, to optimize the blind, or visually-impaired child’s development. We also offer many opportunities to lead a meaningful and productive life, starting with infancy, through preschool, elementary and secondary education throughout college and adulthood. Many of our children graduate from college, pursue successful careers and lead full lives. This story comes to us from: The Foundation for Blind Children.

Business Leaders Program

NSITE’s award-winning Business Leaders Program was launched in 2003 to prepare individuals who are blind for careers in business by providing educational and employment opportunities through professional development. The Business Leaders Program offers five professional development tracks: Business Essentials
Business Essentials is training that is delivered virtually and teaches participants how to make business decisions and deal with market dynamics as they experience changing competitive environments. Three components provide a challenging learning experience: (1) a simulation about business, decision-making, and entrepreneurship, (2) courses that help participants prepare for the simulation experience, and (3) working in teams using business analysis, teamwork, and leadership skills. This story comes to us from: National Industries for the Blind.

American Council of the Blind 2022 Conference/Convention Registration Form

American Council of the Blind of Texas (ACBT). 44th Annual State Conference/Convention. Theme: “A Leading Light Through the Darkness." This story comes to us from: American Council of the Blind of Texas.


Governor Parson Signs Legislation That Will Improve Education for Blind Students

We know that given the proper training, blind people can compete in terms of equality with sighted people in today's labor market. This story came to us from: KPVI.

Accessible Science – Perkins School For The Blind

Activities and resources for making science accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired. This story comes to us from: Perkins School For The Blind.

Understanding the Needs of Blind Students, Thinkerbell Labs Created the Learning Materials

This story is presented as a video on the site.

This story comes to us from: LatestLY.



NSITE, a national not-for-profit that provides a continuum of employment services for blind and low vision job seekers, has announced the availability of Google Certificates scholarships that allow job candidates the opportunity to take career-building courses at no cost. These are available to individuals who have signed up for NSITE’s job board, NSITE Connect that matches blind and low vision talent with employers who are seeking to fill positions ranging from entry to senior level. This story comes to us from: einnews.

Blindness made me a braver woman”, grandmother sells asparagus for more than 30 years

I do not know why the gender of the pronouns switches from female to male and then back in this story.

Delia Tolentino arrived in Lima at the age of 14 fleeing from the poverty and the injustices in his native Huaral. She worked as a nanny and receptionist at a clinic in Lince. His dream was to be nurse, but he had no money to study. Today this granny enterprising and brave is 78 years old, she is very conceited with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and is dedicated to selling asparagus and holantao to the best known chifas in Lima. This story came to us from: California18.

Discrimination and Inaccessibility

Popular tea cafe Chaayos slammed by Twitterati for ignoring blind man

A differently-abled man had to undergo discrimination at a popular tea cafe named Chaayos in Delhi. The man took to his Twitter handle to talk about the negative experience he had at Chaayos. A Twitter user named Mithilesh Yadav wrote in his tweet that he was ignored at the cafe. No one came to take his order, the reason being he was blind. "@Chaayos CP right now. People working here are ignoring me since I am here. At least for half an hour now. This is totally because I am Blind. This story came to us from: Free Press Journal.


TANK bus catches fire outside Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

There is no word yet on what caused the fire. Local 12's Paula Toti posted on Facebook that woman, named Jennifer, was led to safety by her guide dog. This story comes to us from: WKRC.


Landlord to extend eviction process for blind woman

Over the weekend, a local official informed the Register about a developing situation involving a blind woman getting evicted from her Sandusky home. "The landlord is granting her one more week to find a place," said Sue Daugherty, the executive director of Serving Our Seniors. This story comes to us from: Sandusky Register.

Vacaville man is blind, homeless and schizophrenic. Why can't California help him?

“I think that’s him,” Linda Privatte says as we creep down Monte Vista Avenue, looking in all the usual spots for her younger brother, James Mark Rippee, who has been living on the streets right around the Solano County Building here for 15 years now. It is Mark, kneeling beside the 7-Eleven, feeling around on the sidewalk for the debit card he keeps losing. This story comes to us from: The Sacramento Bee.


GRAPHIC: Man charged with beating blind man in wheelchair to death

A blind man who used a wheelchair was beaten to death inside an Illinois home over the weekend, according to investigators. This story comes to us from: Fox 8.

Blind Rapper who goes by 'Mac Wayne' sentenced to six years in prison for drug distribution

A legally blind rapper who was profiled in an Amazon Prime documentary, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Seattle to six years in prison, announced U.S. Attorney Nick Brown. Wayne Frisby aka ‘Mac Wayne,’37, of Snohomish County, Washington was arrested in December 2020, for his role in a large drug trafficking ring. This story comes to us from: Department of Justice.

My blind son was jailed for being at the scene of a murder. Halt this tide of joint enterprise convictions

In 2008, my son Jordan was convicted of a joint enterprise murder, along with two other teenagers. He was 15 at the time of the incident, and blind, with a visual acuity of less than 10%. The victim died due to a single injury to the neck, a kick delivered by a 16-year-old, who confessed in the police station. This story comes to us from: The Guardian.

Couple Stabbed While Helping Blind Man Attacked in Mission Valley Says They'd Do It Again

A couple who jumped in to help a blind man being attacked was training for a charity walk. This story comes to us from: NBC 7 San Diego.

Home healthcare worker accused of sexually abusing elderly woman with disabilities

A home healthcare worker is in jail after being accused of sexually abusing an elderly woman with mental disabilities in Preble County. Brandon Velez, 24, was indicted Aug. 1 on two counts of gross sexual imposition and one count patient abuse, according to Preble County Common Pleas Court records. The indictment stated that the charges were in connection an incident that happened in Eaton in March 2022. This story comes to us from: Yahoo News.

Contractor takes thousands from disabled woman, neighbor; police give him ultimatum

When a contractor hired to redo a driveway took the job, and then took money from an elderly and disabled woman and her neighbor without lifting a finger to do the work, they contacted police. The Brownstown Township women have a shared driveway and together came up with about $4,000 to have the work done. According to the women, they got all of his information before agreeing to hire him, but after he was given the money, all he did in return was give excuses about why he couldn’t show up to do the job. This story comes to us from: The News Herald.

Butte woman sentenced to prison for stealing more than $600,000 from elderly, blind victim

A Butte woman who admitted to stealing more than $600,000 from an elderly and blind woman, now deceased, who was under her care, and spending the money instead on lake property, vehicles, a pontoon boat and other items for herself was sentenced on Aug. 10 to one year and a day in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release. This story came to us from: Department of Justice.

Blind Detroit Woman Goes Missing on Trip to Peru, Prompting International Investigation

A blind Detroit woman has gone missing during a trip to Peru, sparking an international investigation, The Detroit News reports. Authorities are investigating the disappearance of Carla Valpeoz, 35, an avid traveler who is legally blind. This story comes to us from: The Daily Beast.

Guide Dogs

I can't imagine life without her' – woman's incredible bond with her guide dog

Did her dog have its own parachute or did they do a tandem jump?

Blindness once made Laura Bradley too scared to leave home – until a loving guide dog arrived to help her get out and about and enjoy the world. Having Autumn, a labrador-golden retriever cross, has transformed Laura’s life, boosting her confidence enough to experience evenings out with friends, travel – and even go skydiving. This story comes to us from: Daily Record.

Spillman trains dogs for the blind

Mackenzie Spillman spoke to the Arts and Flowers Garden Club on July 14. Mackenzie, granddaughter of club member Bev Spillman, is raising and training a Labrador retriever puppy for a future leader dog. She is a member of the Daviess County Underdogs 4-H club. This story comes to us from: Washington Times-Herald.


Kenya 2022 elections: 'What is it like to vote as a blind person?

Angeline Akai Lodi describes her experience as a blind voter in the Kenyan general election. This story comes to us from: BBC.


Blind man demands answers after Thrifty denies him and guide dog a rental car

A blind man wants answers from a major rental car operator after he and his wife were denied a vehicle because of his guide dog. This story comes to us from: Stuff.co.nz.

Klondike class action alleges website not accessible to blind, visually impaired

Unilever has failed to design and maintain a website that is fully accessible to individuals who are blind or visually impaired, a new class action lawsuit alleges. This story comes to us from: top class Actions.

Fischer Skis Must Defend Blind Customer's Website Access Suit

Fischer Skis US LLC lost a bid to dismiss an Americans with Disabilities Act suit alleging it fails to make its website accessible to the visually impaired, when a federal trial court in New York found the law isn’t limited to businesses with a physical location. This story came to us from: Bloomberg Law.


Blindness costs India $54.4 billion each year

I was uncertain whether to put this story under Business or Preventing Blindness but as it's about money I put it here.

Seva Foundation recently released a report entitled, “The Social Cost of Blindness in India.” With a population of nearly 1.4 billion citizens, India is an enormous nation with a gigantic economy. The government has set the ambitious goal of growing the country’s GDP even further, to US$5 trillion, within the next decade. However, a number of ongoing problems threaten to derail this sweeping economic plan. One of these is the high cost of blindness and visual impairment. This story comes to us from: The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

North America Visual Impairment Products And Services Market – Rising prevalence

The rising commonness of eye issues like diabetic retinopathy, refractive blubber, glaucoma, waterfall, and meibomian organ infection is projected to increase the number of outwardly debilitated individuals in North America. According to a 2017 review published by the American Optometric Association, more than 16 million Americans, including twice as many women as men, were suffering from dry eye disease, with approximately 70% of patients suffering from meibomian organ disease. This story comes to us from: Medgadget.

Night Blindness Treatment Market Set to Witness Huge Growth by 2029 with Top Key Players

The Night Blindness Treatment Market research report provides all the information related to the industry. It gives the outlook of the market by giving authentic data to its client which helps to make essential decisions. It gives an overview of the market which includes its definition, applications and developments and manufacturing technology. This story comes to us from: Shanghaiist.

Luxturna inventor's research helps seal gene therapy biotech Opus Genetics' $19M debut

She planted a seed that led to vision loss gene therapy Luxturna, and now Jean Bennett, M.D., Ph.D., is behind another retinal gene therapy biotech. Opus Genetics emerged Wednesday with its own seed in the form of $19 million in funding. This story comes to us from: Fierce Biotech.

Preventing Blindness

Research to Prevent Blindness and the American Academy of Ophthalmology Award New Research Grants to Improve Eye Care

The American Academy of Ophthalmology and Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB) today announced the 2022 recipients of the RPB/AAO Award for IRIS Registry Research. The researchers will use the IRIS Registry—the nation’s first and largest comprehensive eye disease clinical registry—to conduct population-based studies in ophthalmology and blindness prevention. This story came to us from: Newswise.


Blind Afghan activist who fled Taliban embraces London life

As the Taliban mark one year in power in Afghanistan, four Afghans tell the Thomson Reuters Foundation what has happened to them since they fled their homeland. This story comes to us from: Thomson Reuters Foundation News.

Two blind brothers overcome disability to repay loving elderly mother

Two blind brothers in Rayong are being hailed for overcoming their disability … Thailand to protect newborns with TDAP shots for pregnant women. This story came to us from: Nation Thailand.

Low vision can't stop high expectations for KHSD teacher

Chris Fendrick knew his visual impairment would worsen at some point. The 51-year-old Ridgeview High teacher was born with an X-linked genetic condition known as retinitis pigmentosa, a rare eye disease that slowly breaks down the retina over time, according to the National Eye Institute. He’s always been night blind, he said, which precluded him from driving after dark. And his peripheral vision has always been compromised to about 20 degrees. But his central vision had been pretty good, up until about 2005. Eventually, he realized he could no longer get behind the wheel. This story comes to us from: bakersfield.com.

Forming body image as a blind person

When I was younger, I trusted other people's perceptions of my appearance more than my own. After all, they could see, and I couldn't. I lost most of my sight when I was five and couldn't remember what I looked like in the mirror. This story came to us from: ABC Everyday.

Art and Artists

[Don't give up': Blind musician turns heads in Mount Holly][

Customers have noticed a supersonic surprise at a retail shopping area in Mount Holly. Guitarist Anthony Southgate has been a fixture this summer, busking in front of the Food Lion and Little Caesar’s. “I’m out here to give them a show because I’m an entertainer!” Southgate told Queen City News. This story comes to us from: Queen City News.

There's a wonderful reason why Mister Rogers always said aloud he's feeding his fish

"Mister Rogers would narrate himself feeding the fish each episode with, 'I'm feeding the fish,' because of a letter he received from a young blind girl who was worried the fish were hungry. This story comes to us from: Upworthy.

Sports and Athletes

Adaptive beep baseball in League City helps blind athletes join the game

A beeping ball and buzzing 4-foot-tall foam bases made for a fun morning for blind and visually impaired athletes and others on Saturday at Hometown Heroes Park in League City. The event, which was open to anyone, introduced people to an adaptive sport that uses sounds to guide blindfolded players in hitting the ball and running bases. This story comes to us from: Houston Chronicle.

Spirit of Hong Kong Awards: how loss of vision gave blind marathon runner chance to live a second life

The Hong Kong resident, who was diagnosed with chronic glaucoma and later lost her sight at the age of 26, recalled that she once sank into deep depression because of her vision loss.
“I was very sad,” she said. “I felt like my life was already over before it had really begun.”
The mood of melancholy persisted until Fu got her first taste of running in 2008.
“The sport turned my life around. This story comes to us from: South China Morning Post.

Rowing 600 KM for Research and Inclusion, in Spite of Visual Impairment

Starting on August 15, Anne Kinski, who is severely visually impaired, and Ulrich Kons, a multiple world champion and former Olympic champion, will row from Dresden to Hamburg. Other European champions, world champions, and Olympians from Germany will join them. The goal is to draw attention to incurable retinal diseases and to raise funds for research at the TU Dresden. At the same time. This story comes to us from: Informationsdienst Wissenschaft.

Overcoming odds: deaf-blind Jefferson cyclist crosses America

For many cyclists, the prospect of biking nearly 5,000 miles from Yorktown, Virginia to Florence, Oregon is a daunting enough affair. This story comes to us from: Corvallis Gazette-Times.

Dad refuses to let being blind force him to give up being an athlete

Jay Semple is gearing up for his 11th Paisley 10k Road Race and is urging others to join him. The 43-year-old suffers from a rare genetic disorder called choroideremia which causes a progressive loss of vision. He will be assisted around the race route by a running guide and will take part in the shorter Fun Run afterwards. This story comes to us from: The Renfrewshire Gazette.

Coleraine businessman teams up with Paralympian for charity that supports blind people

A Coleraine businessman is teaming up with a Paralympian to take on a gruelling tandem cycling challenge in aid of supporting blind and partially sighted people. Gary McClarty, founder and owner of MCL InsureTech, and the name behind online insurance brand its4women , will cycle from Paris to Nice on a tandem bike. This story comes to us from: Belfast Live.

BBC scrapping classified football results 'disappointing,' says blind listener

A County Down man, who is registered blind, has said a BBC decision to scrap Radio 5 Live's classified football results is "extremely disappointing".
Ken Carson, 57, from Bangor in County Down, is an avid radio listener.
The classified football results list all football results across the English and Scottish leagues and has been on every Saturday at 17:00 BST during each football season since the 1950s. This story comes to us from: BBC.

Blind equestrian on defying the odds

Lissa Bachner began losing her vision at a young age but didn't let it stop her passion for horseback riding. "CBS Mornings" lead national correspondent David Begnaud speaks with the inspirational equestrian about her journey and book, "Milo's Eyes." This story comes to us from: CBS News.


Woman asks blind man to stop 'staring', calls him a creep for 'looking' at her

Pete Gustin faced a bizarre situation in the gym. A woman came up to him and told him to stop staring. Even after he explained he was blind, the woman did not care. Later, the manager of the gym told him to stop making people uncomfortable. Gustin explained the incident through a video on YouTube. This story comes to us from: Times Now.


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