WBH Weekly Blind News Digest – Edition 23

Editorial By Chris Hofstader

Every morning, I sit down with my laptop, open the GoogleAlerts in my inbox and add appropriate stories to this digest. Other than the editorial and some comments I sprinkle in with the blurbs about the stories, I do not write the news we publish. Thus, I've no real control over how many articles appear in any section in any given week. If you've been reading the digest for a while, you would have probably noticed that it's pretty consistent with stories about science and medicine being the largest section while others have only one or two articles. This has been a strange week, we don't have a lot of science and medicine stories but we have a real lot in the art and artists section as well as a large number of blind sports stories. As always, we have some market reports and legal stories as well.

I find this quite interesting. In some weeks we've had as few as 35 stories and in other weeks we've had as many as 79. As nearly 100% of our stories come from mainstream media sources, it's curious that stories about blind people and blindness from the entire English speaking world would vary so much or at least I find it so.

I hope you enjoy this edition, I liked reading a lot of the articles to which I link and I hope you subscribe as I think this digest and our other articles include important information that you might miss otherwise.

How It's Organized

Gonz Blinko's Blind News Digest is a very simple page to read. The categories are at heading level 2 and the stories are links at heading level 3. So, navigation to the sections and stories you find interesting is quite simple.


Adding one line of code can make some interactive visualizations accessible to screen-reader users

Note: This is not an overlay solution claiming to make an entire web site accessible but, rather, a tool to help screen reader users better understand informational graphics on a web site.

Interactive visualizations have changed the way we understand our lives. For example, they can showcase the number of coronavirus infections in each state. But these graphics often are not accessible to people who use screen readers, software programs that scan the contents of a computer screen and make the contents available via a synthesized voice or Braille. Millions of Americans use screen readers for a variety of reasons, including complete or partial blindness, learning disabilities or motion sensitivity. This story came to us from: ScienceDaily.

Making data visualization more accessible for blind and low-vision individuals

Data visualizations on the web are largely inaccessible for blind and low-vision individuals who use screen readers, an assistive technology that reads on-screen elements as text-to-speech. This excludes millions of people from the opportunity to probe and interpret insights that are often presented through charts, such as election results, health statistics, and economic indicators. This story came to us from: MIT News – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Researchers develop app to detect neglected tropical disease affecting millions of people worldwide

Researchers from RTI International (RTI), a nonprofit research and global development institute, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) have leveraged machine learning technology to detect trachomatous trichiasis (TT), the painful end stage of the neglected tropical disease trachoma, which can lead to blindness if not promptly diagnosed and treated with surgery. This story came to us from: the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Science and Medicine

Your Weird Dreams May Help Organize Your Lived Experiences

In REM sleep, erratic and dynamic brain activity signals when a person is dreaming. … Discover What Blind People See or Experience in Sleep. This story came to us from: Verywell Health.

A Popular Vitamin Causing The Human Eye To Attack Itself

Experts have warned that a popular vitamin supplement could raise the risk of BLINDNESS. Vitamin supplements are meant to provide the body with the vitamins it requires for maximum health. One problem with the pills is that they are not regulated, which means that many boosters have high concentrations of ingredients that could be harmful. Another common problem is inappropriate dosing. With some supplements, failure to follow the directions could result in “severe vision” loss. This story came to us from: – REVYUH.com.

Cystoid Macular Edema (CME): Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Some of these symptoms may occur with other conditions but macular edema can cause significant vision loss or even blindness. This story came to us from: Healthline.

Blindness Organizations

Protecting the welfare of the visually impaired

In the 23 weeks I've been editing this digest, I think this is the first story we've ever gotten from Malaysia. This makes me happy.

The National Council for the Blind Malaysia (NCBM) has helped many people with disabilities (PwD) to improve their skills in accessing accessible technology and publications. Its president Datuk Rosalind Chew said access to information was one of the basic rights of an individual, including the PwDs. This story came to us from: New Straits Times.

CKAVI helps blind, low-vision members

Technology to assist people who are blind or have low vision has made life a whole lot easier for George Strobel. He has devices that will read his mail out loud or tell him what is printed on a prescription container. On the other hand, he still relies on tried-and-true methods such as marking his microwave oven buttons and washing machine settings with tactile bump dots and making sure everything is in its place in his Great Bend home. This story came to us from: Great Bend Tribune.

West Michigan non-profit making mobility possible for kids across the world

I especially liked this story as it shows a blind person working to help people with a different disability live better lives. I think that's pretty cool.

One of his volunteers on Tuesdays is a blind man, and Dykema believes truly anyone can help in their mission.
"It allows me to help participate in changing a life in the same way my son’s life changed because of the technology that’s available to him," Dykema said. His son is Quadriplegic, and has a successful career as a graphic designer. This story comes to us from: WZZM 13.

Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired expands its reach

Vision loss cannot only be dangerous, it often leaves those affected feeling frustrated and isolated. On this week’s Pulse of St. Louis, Fox 2’s Jasmine Huda spoke with members of the St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired about its support services. This story came to us from: FOX 2.

Seplat Eye Can See initiative: Touching more lives in Nigeria

For the past 12 years, Seplat Energy Plc, a leading indigenous Nigerian energy company with a strategic focus on Nigeria, listed on the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) and London Stock Exchange (LSE) and its partner, Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) have continued to touch lives with the Eye Can See free health care programme. This story came to us from: The Sun Nigeria.

Center of the Blind to hold open house at new New London home

The South East Connecticut Community Center of the Blind will hold an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony from 4 to 6 p.m. Wednesday at its new home, 75R Granite St. The center, a nonprofit resource for people who are blind or visually impaired seeking to live an independent lifestyle, had moved from its previous home at the Richard R. Martin Center at 120 Broad St. This story came to us from: The Day.

Miss Alice walks ten miles around Llandudno for Blind Veterans

Emmie Holmes, 11, is Llandudno’s current Miss Alice LLANDUDNO'S Miss Alice has walked ten miles around the town to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK, the national charity for vision-impaired ex-Service men and women. Emmie Holmes, 11, is the town’s current Miss Alice. As part of the role, Alice has attended a number of public events including an afternoon tea at Blind Veterans UK’s Llandudno Centre of Wellbeing. Blind veteran Billy Baxter, who is also Llandudno’s town crier, invited Emmie to the Alice in Wonderland themed tea. This story came to us from: North Wales Pioneer.

Inauguration Of ‘Inspiration 2022’ National Conference Of Visually Challenged Young Women Held In Alandi, Pune

A two days National Conference named ‘Inspiration 2022’ for visually challenged young women was organised by the National Federation of the Blind (Maharashtra) in association with National federation of the Blind (India) 4th June at Fruitwala Dharamshala, Alandi, Pune. This story came to us from: Punekar News.

Ukrainian War

Is Vladimir Putin Going Blind And Has Only 3 Years To Live?

Vladimir Putin has reportedly been given a maximum of three years to live by doctors, and he is said to be going blind. This story came to us from: Latin Times.


Perceived: Podcast Transcript

I really wish that this article had a more attractive title as it contains a very interesting conversation about blindness among a number of blind and low vision people.

I mean, pretty much every blind person I know has had the experience of walking down the street, you know, minding your own business trying to get to work or whatever. And somebody comes up and says, "Oh, you're such an inspiration," you know, or "How did you do that?" or, you know, "Do you need help?" And there's this kind of, yeah, you feel a little bit like a spectacle, because it's impossible to imagine, for a lot of sighted people, that we would just simply be living our lives. This story came to us from: WUNC.

Blind teacher from Delhi cracks UPSC Civil Services 2021, tops it with AIR 48

Ayushi, a visually impaired school teacher has shown that where there is a will, there truly can be no impediments. The 29 year old teacher from Delhi has cracked the civil services examination and topped it with AIR 48. She currently teaches history to senior classes in Government Girls Senior Secondary School. This story came to us from: Times Now.

Blind student hosted by area family, attends Clarksville High School

Aili began his school year at The Tennessee School for the Blind in Hermitage, but when the semester changed, he opted for more of a challenge by enrolling at Clarksville High School. This story came to us from: Main Street Clarksville.

Proud graduates receive diplomas at Gov. Morehead School for the Blind

Note: This article contains a lot of photographs so might be of greater interested to our low vision and sighted readers than to those like me who are totally blind.

Class of 2022 Graduate Kaylee Grace Yarbrough from Fayetteville, N.C. heads into the auditorium for the Governor Morehead School’s Commencement Ceremony at Lineberry Hall in Raleigh, N.C. on Friday, June 3, 2022. Students such as Yarbrough come from across the state to the K-12 school for its education services for the deaf and visually impaired. This story came to us from: Raleigh News & Observer.


A Foreign Service Career—Blindness Didn't Stop Me

Avraham Rabby, the blind FSO who died in April 2020, is rightly recognized as a trailblazer for disabled individuals who seek careers in the U.S. Foreign Service. This story came to us from: American Foreign Service Association.

Being blind and deaf hasn't stopped carpenter Tony Meli, who makes ornate creations in his workshop by touch

Tony Meli may be blind and deaf, but in his personal workshop, he is capable of things that defy belief. This story came to us from: ABC Australia.

Tallahassee Visionally Impaired Business Owner Celebrates The Grand Opening Of His New Micro-Market

A few weeks ago we shared the story of a man that started to lose his vision, and with it the ability to run his business. But since he has rebounded with his own micro-market in Southwood and Tuesday he celebrated his grand opening. This story came to us from: WCTV.


A subway system unsafe for the blind

As a blind New Yorker who walks with the help of a cane, the May MTA board meeting was disturbing for me. This story came to us from: NY Daily News.

Discrimination and Inaccessibility

'There's no accountability': TikToker claims 2 DoorDash drivers canceled after learning she's blind

A TikToker went viral this week after claiming two separate Dashers canceled her order after learning she's blind. This story came to us from: The Daily Dot.

Foreigner tries to prevent a blind man from singing in the streets of downtown Merida

On Friday, May 27th, in downtown Mérida, a subject of foreign origin tried to prevent a visually impaired person from earning a living singing on public roads.
This happened on Calle 63 between 58 and 60, one block from the Cathedral, where a blind man sang to earn a few pesos, accompanying himself with musical tracks that sounded on a portable speaker. This story came to us from: The Yucatan Times.


On pretext of helping her cross road, blind woman sexually assaulted in Delhi

The victim told police that she was sexually assaulted by an unidentified man. A case was registered under Section 376 (punishment for rape) of the Indian Penal Code at Dabri police station. This story came to us from: Tribune India.

Veteran Sentenced To Prison For Defrauding The VA In Connection With The Receipt Of Disability Benefits

U.S. District Judge Charlene Edwards Honeywell has sentenced Barry Wayne Hoover (51, Tampa) to 27 months in federal prison and ordered him to pay $429,568.09 in restitution for theft of government funds and false statement to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As part of his sentence, the court also entered a forfeiture money judgment against Hoover in the amount of $429,568.09, the proceeds of the offense. This story came to us from: Department of Justice.

Guide Dogs

[Blind woman's guide dog attacked by Staffy on bus in Poole][

A BLIND woman's guide dog was attacked by a black and white “staffy-type” dog, forcing bus passengers to intervene. This story came to us from: Bournemouth Echo.


ADA Class Actions Allege Websites Inaccessible to Blind, Visually Impaired Consumers

Saying that "a number of cases have been filed" is a massive understatement as there are literally hundreds if not more than a thousand going on. I liked this article otherwise as it gives a good broad view of Internet related ADA cases.

A number of class action lawsuits have recently been filed by blind and visually impaired individuals alleging companies failed to make their websites in such a way as to grant full accessibility.
The complaints revolve around Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) claims and occasionally state-specific consumer protection laws. This story came to us from: Top Class Actions.

Avocado Mattress Hit With Class Action Alleging Website Not Accessible To Blind, Visually Impaired

A legally blind woman hit Avocado Mattress with a class action lawsuit alleging its website is not accessible to blind and visually impaired people using a screen reader. This story came to us from: Top Class Actions.

[Blind Patrons' Braille Gift Card ADA Appeal Fails on Standing][

… A split Second Circuit affirmed Thursday that they failed to establish standing to pursue claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This story came to us from: Bloomberg Law.

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse releases statement in regard to recent filings in alleged Americans With Disabilities Act

I had written a number of articles on what I called "ADA Trolling." You can find these articles by using the search feature on this site. I warned that if we didn't do something to curb the "drive by" lawsuits and use legal strategies like those recommended by the wonderful attorney Lainey Feingold in her book Structured Negotiations, we would start getting a lot of push back and it could jeopardize ADA enforcement on the web. Here we have a story about a non-profit trying to weaken ADA because of these lawsuits. Remember, you read it on my blog years ago but nobody took any action to stymie the unethical lawyers out there doing these lawsuits. To be perfectly clear, I believe the ADA should be enforced as strongly as possible but done so using ethical means.

Executive Director for Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) Victor Gomez released the following statement in regard to recent filings in alleged Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) fraud schemes:
“At CALA, we have been concerned about abusive ADA lawsuits targeting small businesses for decades. Sadly, the way the law is written, there is a tremendous potential for lawsuit abuse in ADA cases. But California’s leading legislators have repeatedly opposed reforms to how ADA regulations are enforced, contending that existing safeguards are sufficient.
“The status quo helps lawyers get paid more than it protects people with disabilities. Even though hundreds of these false and/or inappropriate claims have been documented, many lawmakers in Sacramento still think that private lawsuits through individuals are the best way to enforce ADA laws. The process to reach justice is so cumbersome that it can take years to document and prove false claims. And worse, during that time, the claimants and their attorneys can make millions off the hapless and targeted small businesses they sue." This story came to us from: Orange County Breeze.

Lawsuit: Woman Says She Went Blind After Stem Cell Therapy

A woman is suing a Coral Gables clinic claiming she went blind after stem cells were injected into her eyes. This story came to us from: NBC 6 South Florida.


Braille Printing Machine Market Size, Share, Trend, Comprehensive Research Study, Global Analysis, Product Category and Business Opportunity Forecast to 2028

According to our latest market study on “Braille Printing Machine Market Forecast to 2028 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis – by Connectivity and Product Type,” the market was valued at US$ 332.44 million in 2020 and is projected to reach US$ 515.90 million by 2028; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.86% from 2021 to 2028. This story comes to us from: digital journal.

Tactile Printing Market to Eyewitness Massive Growth by 2030: Braille Plus, Braille Works, NBP

JCMR recently Announced Tactile Printing study with 250+ market data Tables and Figures spread through Pages and easy to understand detailed TOC on Tactile Printing. Tactile Printing industry Report allows you to get different methods for maximizing your profit. The research study provides estimates for Tactile Printing Forecast till 2030*. Some of the Leading key Company’s Covered for this Research are Braille Plus, Braille Works, NBP, PIA, Brailler, Tactile graphics, Index braille, Low vision, Braigo Labs, Nia Technologies, AFB (American Foundation for Blind), American Thermoform, O-Film Tech
Our report will be revised to address Pre/Post COVID-19 effects on the Tactile Printing industry. This story came to us from: The Greater Binghamton Business Journal.

Braille Terminal Market 2022 Industry Overview by Top Key Players | Handy Tech Elektronik, Freedom Scientific, Humanware

Braille Terminal Market Report Principally Presents Esteem, Development, Volume and Portion of the overall industry by players, by size, side-effect type, by locales, by purchasers and furthermore their value change subtleties. As a top to bottom Analysis report, it covers generally key credits investigation and assessment for Braille Terminal industry. The examination gives deliberately significant contender experiences to plan compelling methodologies. Moreover, the report audits key organizations engaged with Braille Terminal and enrolls all their major and minor tasks. The goals of this report are to characterize, portion, and task the elements of the Braille Terminal Market dependent on organization, item type, end client and key areas. This story came to us from: mbu timeline.

Preventing Blindness

Evidence Lacking for Glaucoma, Impaired Vision Screening In Seniors

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) concludes that the current evidence is insufficient to recommend screening for primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), the most common form of glaucoma, and also concludes the current evidence does not support a recommendation to screen for impaired visual acuity in patients aged 65 or older who are asymptomatic. This story came to us from: Medscape.

Over 5000 Ophthalmologists to Take Pledge to Reduce Preventable Blindness to 50 percent by 2025 at the 80th All India Ophthalmological Conference

The 80th Annual Conference of the All India Ophthalmological Society AIOS, with nearly 24,000 member ophthalmologists, a society with a view to render service to the community through their profession, announced a landmark pledge to reduce preventable blindness in India to 50 by 2025. This story comes to us from: Devdiscourse.


Did Helen Keller Fly a Plane?

I put this article under Lifestyle as it really didn't fit in my other categories, I don't have one for history and I don't have one for blind heroes.

An illness at 19 months left Helen Keller deaf, blind, and mute. However, these disabilities did not stop her from achieving great success in her life. Thanks to the help of teacher Anne Sullivan, Keller was able to effectively communicate with the world and became an advocate for disability rights. Along with many other accomplishments, Keller was able to do what many able women never had the opportunity to do – fly a plane. This story came to us from: The Vintage News.

Teens with visual impairment celebrate prom with unforgettable night

For teens participating in programs offered by Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind on May 21, this year’s prom was another unforgettable night of limousine rides and dancing with peers all over the state. This story came to us from: Suncoast News.

Missouri girl born blind gets her own game made by classmate

Carthage first grader Mariana Lopez is all smiles at Fairview Elementary School after a classmate made a board game she can play with others. This story came to us from: FOX 4 Kansas City.

Blind man who hawks to make a living receives cash donation from good Samaritan

A visually impaired man who showed that there is ability in disability has inspired a non-governmental organisation, which offered him assistance. He got a surprise visit from the founder of Givers Supportive Foundation, GSF, who first spotted him at the market hawking liquid soap alongside his child. This story came to us from: CorrectNG.

Glam Canes and Blind Pride: Disrupting Stereotypes About Vision Loss

Host Anita Rao speaks with three people in the blind and low vision communities about losing their eyesight and disrupting stereotypes about blindness. This story came to us from: WUNC.

'I Regret not Getting Married & Having Kids before I Lost my Sight,' Visually Impaired Man

For Chimezie Uwaoma, being visually impaired is still not enough reason for him to be idle or resort to begging. The young man earns a living as a diesel generator mechanic in Nigeria and shared with Legit TV how he lost his sight. This story came to us from: Legit.ng.

My daughter's visual impairment taught me to see past my fear of the unknown

When I first found out my eight-month-old daughter, Addie, had a condition that would render her blind by her late teens or adulthood, I was seized with fear and uncertainty. I wondered how my life and my family's lives would change, and I felt sad that the beautiful child in my arms could face additional challenges in a world that's not designed for her. This story came to us from: CBC.

Meet the blind man who spends his time fixing vandalism on Wikipedia

This story contains almost no text description about this video. I found it interesting and included it but, if you don't want to watch a video, I'd skip this one. This story came to us from: YouTube.

Art and Artists

Andrea Bocelli health: 'Doctors tried to cure me' – singer's cause of blindness explained

This story could have gone into the Science and Medicine section but, as Bocelli is one of the premier blind performing artists on Earth, I thought he should be in with the other artists.

ANDREA BOCELLI is just one of the stars performing at tonight's Platinum Party at the Palace in order to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II. The Italian tenor is known for his incredible and powerful voice, but also for being blind, which started out as congenital glaucoma when he was five-months old. This story came to us from: Daily Express.

Blind guy attempts to draw emojis from descriptions and the results are surprising

A blind TikTok star has been lifting spirits by attempting to draw emojis he's never seen, based on descriptions alone. Surprisingly, some of Toby's attempts are scarily accurate, while others are…slightly more questionable. This story came to us from: Indy100.

An art book for the blind, starring a modernist who struggled with his vision

Picasso once said, 'painting is a blind man's profession', perhaps implying how colours and the visible light spectrum are subjective things. So, when the Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) released The Art of Benode Behari Mukherjee—the first in a series of braille books on art—at the recently concluded India Art Fair, it seemed like a long overdue effort. This story came to us from: The Week.

Jayke Hopa – Putāruru's Blind Assassin

Armed with a fresh new Diploma in Music, Putāruru’s Jayke Hopa​ says he’s ready to take on the world and won’t let anything get in the way of his dreams. The 21-year-old, who also happens to be blind from birth, is an inspiration for those with disabilities or impairments, and hopes to one day be a mainstream musician. This story came to us from: Stuff.co.nz.

First blind teenager to compete at Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ

Seventeen year old Kyren Andrews was born blind without a retina, but that's never stopped him. His performance from Shakespeare’s Richard III won him the accolade, taking him straight to the national Shakespeare intensive course to be held later in the year in Otago. From here, just one student gets picked to go to the Globe theatre in London. This story came to us from: 1News.

A triumph for the blind community

Not only had I no clue of the existence of such a theater company as Theatre by the Blind, but to have the historical background of the Braille Institute’s founder and developer portrayed by such a unique group is heartwarming. This story came to us from: Los Angeles Times.

Blind artist to showcase art at Vernon studio

Tracy was fitted with the “tiniest pair of cat eye glasses ever and that began my love affair with seeing things.” She said she was hypnotized by color, texture, shape, line and anything else on the visual smorgasbord in front of her. This story came to us from: Madison Courier.

Theresa’s Angels: Blind Senior Continues Making Clay Angels, Giving Them to Special People in Her Life

“My journey from teaching kids to facilitating hand-built clay for seniors in Homewood led me to Theresa, an incredibly talented senior lady who makes porcelain clay pots and sculptures even though she is completely blind." This story came to us from: Over the Mountain Journal.

Blind Maine teenager lands national award and performs on NPR's 'From The Top

Noah Carver of Beals Island sings on NPR's "From The Top" and wins national award. This story came to us from: YouTube.

'I will carry it with pride' – blind veterans design Platinum Jubilee bags

A BLIND veteran has shared her joy at taking part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Betty Tring, who lives at the Blind Veterans UK’s rehabilitation and training centre in Brighton, designed bunting for Her Majesty’s big weekend. More than 50 veterans took part in the project, with the designs printed on special cotton Jubilee shopping bags. This story came to us from: The Argus.


Blind San Francisco teen Zion Rick-Gains pursues professional skateboarding dream

Zion is legally blind after being shot in a senseless act of gun violence and is now owning his new identity. This story came to us from: ABC7 San Francisco.

USA Blind Hockey Team returns to Blaine June 2-5

The USA Blind Hockey Team returns to the National Sports Center in Blaine as part of the Hendrickson Foundation National Hockey Festival running June 2-5. The four-day festival is an opportunity for the nation’s elite blind hockey players to train on ice and take part in the hockey community off ice as they seek spots on the national team. This story came to us from: Hometown Source.

Blind Football: Germany wins the first female European title

History was made in Città Sant’Angelo (Pescara), Italy! Germany became the first women’s European champion, defeating England by 4-0 in Game 2, the same result as in Game 1. Thoya Kuster was the one woman show by scoring all the goals in the two games. England, the vice champion, won the trophy for fair-play. This story came to us from: International Blind Sports Federation.

US blind golf champion now calls Owensboro home, promoting the sport regionally and nationwide

Owensboro is now home to the four-time and reigning U.S. blind golf champion, Chad Nesmith. Since his childhood, Nesmith has been an aspiring athlete, turning to golf when he lost his vision to satisfy his competitive itch. This story came to us from: The Owensboro Times.

The 'blind cricket' experience is rolling out to Central Coast Schools

Blind cricket will soon be arriving at schools on the NSW Central Coast, delivered by NSW blind cricket star Scott Jones. This story came to us from: Cricket NSW.

UCT Parasport Club hosts blind football workshop

The workshop was organised by UCT postgraduate student Muya Koloko and facilitated by international recognised blind football coach. This story came to us from: YouTube.

Teaching visually impaired kids to climb is focus of NewView camp

This story is presented primarily as a video but there is a transcript available for those who would prefer such.

This year NewView paired with Threshold Climbing to give kids an experience some say rocked their world.
This story came to us from: KOCO.

Powys footballer earns Three Lions place for Italian tour

KATIE Christopher has been selected for the first ever England women’s blind football team. The Llandrindod Wells raised goalkeeper will be part of the English squad which competes in the IBSA Euros 2022 in Italy after impressing at training camps at St George’s Park. This story came to us from: County Times.

Ghana's blind cycling pioneer Assor spreads joy of life on two wheels

On World Bike Day, my message is that anyone can ride a bike. I hope we can inspire people. This story came to us from: International Paralympic Committee.

Inspirational blind and hard of hearing woman flies plane and abseils down the Spinnaker Tower

Both of these amazing feats would challenge the most able-bodied of people, but Sight for Wight’s CEO, without sight and hearing, did both. This story came to us from: OnTheWight.

Blind N.Y. marathoner Thomas Panek among the runners celebrating Global Running Day

Running a marathon isn’t easy for anyone. But for Thomas Panek, who is blind, getting to the finish line is just a little more challenging. This story came to us from: NY Daily News.

Ninepin Bowling: European in Serbia

This is the 3rd time that this competition will be held in Serbia, Apatin (before was in 2013 and 2017). Athletes are gather at 8 lane ninepin bowling alley to achieve a great score. In this 21st edition, finally after two pandemic years, there will be over 85 athletes from nine countries. This story came to us from: ibsa sport.


Jewel Shuping: The Woman Who Intentionally Damaged Sight

According to the report, her dreams of being blind were actualized when she arranged to have drain cleaner poured into her eyes. This story came to us from: MojiDelano.Com.


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