WBH Weekly Blind News Digest – Edition 15


Welcome to Edition 15 of Gonz Blinko's Blind News Digest. This edition has 63 stories about blind people and blindness from all over the world. We're certain you will find articles that you think are interesting, informative and, in some cases, funny.

Editorial By Chris Hofstader

I've been editing this digest for 15 weeks at this point and have learned a lot about the world of blindness all over the globe. I find it fascinating that so many different topics show up related to blindness. Sometimes, I don't know into which category an article should go and, when this happens, I tend to put it into the Lifestyle section as that kind of serves as a catch all.

With 63 articles, this is the largest edition of the digest to date. We have topics ranging from blind girls using make-up to a blind race car driver breaking a land speed record and 61 more so I'm sure you'll find articles in this edition you will enjoy or find interesting in some way.

We have a question and ask that readers either put an answer into the comments section below or send us an email via the contact form on this site. Specifically, we want to know if we should continue including articles about preventing blindness. This digest is about blindness and blind people so preventing such doesn't speak to our primary theme. I've also thought about adding a Preventing Blindness section to separate it from the blindness stories and to make it easy to skip over if the subject doesn't interest you. Please tell us what you think about this question as we want to continue to make the digest better.

Science and Medicine

Study Links Erectile Dysfunction Meds To Blindness, And Yes, That Includes Viagra

“Regular users of these drugs who find any changes in their vision should take it seriously and seek medical attention. This story came to us from: IFLScience.

Gene Therapy Shows Modest Success for Genetic Blindness

The latest data from a phase 3 clinical trial shows that gene therapy can counter visual degeneration associated with Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON). This story came to us from: Medscape.

Ultrasound Gave Us Our First Baby Pictures. Can It Also Help the Blind See

With the youngest baby boomers reaching 65 years old by 2029, age-related eye diseases and conditions are expected to swell during what’s being called the “silver tsunami. This story came to us from: – USC Viterbi.

World Health Day: Eye care tips for elderly, senior citizens

The majority of people with vision impairment and blindness are over the age of 50. This story came to us from: Free Press Journal.

Brown April warns of diseases that can lead to blindness

For the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of the causes of visual impairment can be prevented or treated. This story came to us from: Play Crazy Game.

New OHSU Science Café series focuses on neuroscience research

Treatments for blindness and movement disorders to the impact that cannabis use can have on pregnancy — through a series of Science Café talks. This story comes to us from: OHSU News.

The Road to Visual Prosthesis: A Timeline

Discover how visual prosthesis technology has evolved since early experiments with optical cortex implants began in the 1960s. This story came to us from: Technology Networks.

When diabetes strikes, eye exams can save your sight

More than half of people with diabetes will develop diabetic retinopathy, one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. This story came to us from: Medical Xpress.

Prevention of Blindness Week 2022: India has 12 mn visually impaired people

According to the NPCB, India is home to a third of the world's blind population. This story comes to us from: News9live.

Bad Habits That Could Turn You Blind, Say Experts

There are things you may be doing every day that can compromise your eye health, potentially even leading to blindness. This story came to us from: Eat This, Not That.

ATK solution can cause blindness, Thailand's fact checking centre confirms

The Department of Medical Science and the Anti Fake News Centre warns people to carefully use ATK as the sodium azide could cause blind eyes. This story came to us from: Thaiger.

Knight Campus talk to focus on the cornea and vision

A leading eye surgeon, vision science pioneer and medical missionary, he has helped repair or restore vision to countless patients around the world, and researchers in his lab in the Knight Campus continue to develop treatments to prevent or reverse blindness. This story came to us from: Around the O – University of Oregon.


How New DOJ Guidelines Can Make the Web More Accessible for Disabled People

The Department of Justice issued web accessibility guidelines on how websites can be more accessible to blind people, others with low vision, and people with other disabilities. This story came to us from: Verywell Health.

How one app is changing lives of the visually impaired

A person who is blind or visually impaired can connect on the app via video and audio with a sighted person, who can help them with tasks as simple as figuring out the color of a shirt and the expiration date on a gallon of milk, to more important tasks, such as getting the temperature off a thermometer or reading someone's mail. This story came to us from: ClickOnDetroit.

Twitter launches improved alt text accessibility features globally

Sometimes, new Twitter features can be divisive — we’ve made our feelings clear about the edit button, which is apparently in the works. But we can (hopefully) all agree that simple accessibility features are a good thing. This story came to us from: TechCrunch.

Year One: Samsung’s EYELIKE™ Fundus Camera Powers Technology To Protect People and the Planet

Samsung Electronics demonstrates one year of progress in providing increased access to eye care in Morocco, India and Papua New Guinea. This story came to us from: Samsung Newsroom.

MCFRS Bomb Squad Engineers Beeping Easter Eggs for Blind Children

“The Montgomery County Bomb Squad is honored to partner with the Colombia Lighthouse for the Blind. This story came to us from: Montgomery Community Media.

Way Tags – Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind

Accessible Pharmacy Services can now pre-label medication with WayAround’s WayTags! Simply mention to our care coordinators that you use WayTags at home and that you would like the tag to be added to your package at no charge. This story came to us from: Accessible Pharmacy.

Sullivan+ is world's first app to use AI voice recognition for visual aid service for blind

Blind people often have trouble carrying out day to day tasks alone.
Reading bills and documents, finding the remote, recognizing people and images can all be a challenge.
But the app Sullivan Plus developed by a startup called Tuat corporation helps the sight-impaired through all these inconveniences, using AI. This story comes to us from: arirang.

Blindness Organizations

American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference to Convene Experts in Workforce Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and Accessibility

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Horizon Therapeutics, JPMorgan Chase & Co. included among corporate partners. This story comes to us from: PR Newswire.

Prince Andrew’s Commitment To Fund Research For Eye Disease Is Shared By These 7 Celebrities That Suffered Vision Loss

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, has always been dedicated to the research into the prevention and treatment of vision loss and eye disease. Prince Andrew has always pledged to help non-profit organizations in their quest to prevent blindness and vision impairment. This story came to us from: Fox Chronicle.

Wind damages Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind

Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind employees thought the structure where they ate lunch and hosted events would be safe. This story came to us from: Newschannel 6 Now.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs for the Blind Brings Cuteness Into Focus With Puparazzi Photo Contest

The models know how to strike a pose, and the camera loves them! This story comes to us from: Business Wire.


Night Blindness Treatment Market: Worldwide Industry to Boost in the Period of 2021-2026

The latest Night Blindness Treatment market research report provides a comprehensive analysis of this industry, with a key emphasis on all the factors that will favor or thwart the inflow of revenue in the coming years. Moreover, it illuminates the various market segments and reveals the top growth opportunities, followed by a detailed examination of the competitive landscape. This story came to us from: runningafrica.com.

Belite Bio hits go on IPO to fund late-phase vision loss clinical trials

Belite Bio wants public investors to bankroll late-phase clinical trials of a treatment for certain causes of blindness. This story came to us from: Fierce Biotech.


If you're blind, can you have someone else deliver your ballot in Wisconsin?

Rasmussen, who is blind, said she has always used Braille ballots to vote since they were first offered by the Madison Clerk’s Office, one of only a few offices that create the ballots in Wisconsin. This story came to us from: Journal Times.

Voters with disabilities score big win in settlement with BOE over vote-by-mail accessibility

Under an ADA lawsuit settlement, the state’s Board of Elections will be required to provide a vote-by-mail service for voters with disabilities. This story came to us from: bxtimes.com.

Blind Woman Sues Singer For Inaccessible Website Saying She Wants a Sewing Machine

Carmen Tavarez-Vargas, a self-described blind woman, sued Singer Sewing Machine Company for having an inaccessible web site. This story came to us from: Inner City Press.

Yankee Candle Class Action Alleges Website Design Denies Equal Access To Blind

The Yankee Candle Company failed to design the Chesapeake Bay Candle section of its website in a way that would make it equally accessible to blind or visually impaired individuals, a new class action lawsuit alleges. This story came to us from: Top Class Actions.

Synchrony Class Action Claims Financial Advice Website Not Accessible to the Blind

Synchrony Financial’s website is not accessible to blind people, depriving them of the company’s financial advice services, a new class action lawsuit alleges. This story came to us from: Top Class Actions.

Boot Barn Class Action Claims Website Not Equally Accessible For Blind, Visually Impaired

Plaintiff Christopher Loadholt claims Boot Barns violates the Americans with Disabilities Act by not making its website fully compatible with screen-reading software used by blind and visually impaired individuals. This story came to us from: Top Class Actions.


Call for more teachers specializing in visual impairment

Almost 5,000 Scottish pupils have a visual impairment but just 36 teachers report specializing in this area. This story came to us from: Tes.

Blind student from Bastrop makes history while taking the A.C.T.

Ky'ren Johnson is now the first blind student in the nation to complete the A.C.T. using a unique software called JAWS. This story came to us from: KNOE.


Visual impairment and employment in Norway

Past studies have suggested lower employment of people with visual impairment. Reasons for this are less known. This study aimed to examine the employment rates among people with visual impairment, and its association with sociodemographic characteristics, vision-related factors, depression, and life satisfaction. This story came to us from: bmcpublichealth.biomedcentral.com.

Employment Opportunities at CABVI – Apply Now

Cincinnati Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired offers employment opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired. This story came to us from: Cincinnati Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired.

blind or visually impaired deserve same opportunities

In Kansas, about 70000 people are blind or visually impaired. We expect that number to continue to grow, especially within the aging population. This story came to us from: cjonline.com.


Blind, physically disabled woman raped by uncle in Punjab's Kapurthala

A 21-year-old blind and physically disabled woman was allegedly raped by her uncle in a village here, said police on Saturday. This story came to us from: Devdiscourse.

Vancouver police seek suspect who punched blind man in unprovoked attack

A visually impaired man, was crossing the street and using a cane when the attack took place. This story came to us from: Vancouver Sun.


Home surveillance system captures blind man falling in construction site hole

Video captured on a home surveillance system shows a blind man falling into a deep hole on a Gretna sidewalk. This story came to us from: WDSU.


Don't cut Tri-Cities bus service. Your disabled neighbors rely on Ben Franklin Transit

I am a blind woman who grew up in Tri-Cities and believes this is one of the best places in the state of Washington to live. This story came to us from: Tri-City Herald.

Art and Artists

INTERVIEW: How I wrote 21 books, survive as a blind author in Nigeria

Michael Abiodun is a visually impaired author, an attorney and a federal prosecutor, demonstrating both prosecutorial and academic excellence in international law and counterterrorism. This story came to us from: Premium Times Nigeria.

Drawing and the Blind

This groundbreaking work explores how children and adults who have been blind since birth can both perceive and draw pictures. This story came to us from: Yale University Press.

inside the final days of Blind Melon

Shot by the late grunge rocker himself, this tragic doc, "All I Can Say", is grim watching for fans of Blind Melon. This story came to us from: NME.

Visually impaired Shayla Brown makes her Toronto stage debut

Blind actress Shayla Brown costars in “Orphans for the Czar” at the … Man” and set in St. Petersburg at the cusp of Bloody Sunday in 1905. This story came to us from: Toronto Star.


A day in the life of the city as experienced by a blind person

I now look at the city different, not everything is inclusive. This story came to us from: Belfast Live.

Local man speaks on blindness, options for people with limited vision

Local man speaks on blindness, options for people with limited vision. This story came to us from: YouTube.

Yes, Blind Women Wear Makeup. When Will the Beauty Industry Catch Up?

'It's taken society a long time to see us,' said YouTuber Molly Burke, one of the new generation of women speaking out about the blind experience. This story came to us from: Wall Street Journal.

Humans of Goa – Ankur Kankonkar is a Blind Man With Vision

Humans of Goa is our original and official series that shares inspirational stories from the lives of Goans. We speak to talented and contributing individuals from this wonderful tiny state. In this article, we bring to you the inspiring story of Ankur Kankonkar, a 32 year old man, who fought all odds and became a successful IT entrepreneur , despite being visually-impaired. This story came to us from: ItsGoa.

Inspiration on the runway: More than 100 attend fashion show featuring visually impaired models

Smith plans to hold a second show in October during Blind Awareness Month. The women, on a makeshift runway, modeled outfits from multiple designers. This story came to us from: Newsday.

Ronald Reagan and the Blind Children: A Story of Character

In the midst of the 1976 Republican presidential primary campaign, Reagan was preparing to make a campaign speech in the parking lot of a shopping mall in North Carolina. Just before the speech was about to begin, a woman approached Reagan’s assistant press secretary, Dana Rohrabacher, and asked him if it would be possible for Governor Reagan to spend a few minutes with a group of blind children. This story came to us from: American Thinker.

Out Paul Castle, who is legally blind, doesn't let his disability define him

For the “eternally optimistic” Castle, life’s obstacles have never stopped him from creating & fulfilling his dreams. This story came to us from: Los Angeles Blade.

How The Grammys Got Accessibility Right, And What They Could Have Done Better

Lachi, a blind award-winning vocalist, writer and community leader, has dedicated her platform, career and craft to amplifying disability culture, promoting inclusion, highlighting intersectionality and advocating for accessibility in the music industry. This story came to us from: Forbes.

The Peter Watson Memorial Lecture “Vision for the World

The rates of blindness and moderate severe visual impairment increases dramatically in age, so nearly 30% will have moderate to severe vision loss. This story came to us from: Nature.


Nobody ever forgets the blind guy:" Omaha Man Coaches Hitters To See What He Can't

Mark Wetzel coaches baseball and softball hitters how to see the ball better, even though he's been blind most of his life. This story came to us from: Nebraska Public Media.

Appeal for volunteers to aid blind golfers

Mike Tomlinson has only played a handful of times after winning the England and Wales Blind Golf Order of Merit in September 2021. This story came to us from: BBC.

USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival, delayed 2 years by COVID, is finally arriving

The USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Festival is finally coming to Western Pennsylvania after being canceled due to COVID-19 in 2020 and held only virtually. This story came to us from: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Blind army veteran running Boston Marathon to raise money for people with disabilities

Navigating the hills of the route isn't Rob Sanchas' only challenge. He's also legally blind. This story came to us from: Boston 25 News.

Visually impaired cyclists ride 22km to raise money for charity

Daniel Goncalves Fernandes, Jim Ellison and Charlie Baker, who all have visual impairments, will be taking on the challenge tomorrow. This story came to us from: Herald Series.

Blind show jumper pursues her dream of being the best in the sport

This is the story of a girl and her horse – a touching sight that is quite common in bluegrass country. This story came to us from: Trading U.

AICFB Nat'l Chess Championship begins in Pune

The national chess championship for people with vision impairment kicked off this week in India. This story came to us from: News of India.

Ivorian blind footballers aim for Paris 2024

The Ivorian blind football team is hard at work on the lawn of Abidjan's University. This story came to us from: Africanews.

Blind pro athlete and TikTok star Anthony Ferraro to speak about overcoming adversity

Blind professional athlete and motivational speaker Anthony Ferraro will be featured a free virtual conference titled "Overcoming Diversity." This story came to us from: PhillyVoice.

Poole woman selected to represent UK at the Invictus Games

Clare Keating from Poole will be competing in power lifting and indoor rowing for the UK at this month’s Invictus Games, the annual international sporting event for injured servicemen and women. Clare will be the only vision-impaired competitor from the UK. This story came to us from: Bournemouth Echo.


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