Science Briefs – Edition 42

What's Inside

  • Doctors and journalists must fight medical misinformation.
  • Orange banana developed by Gates and others to battle vitamin A issues that cause blindness.
  • Gene therapy to fight glaucoma.
  • And, about ten more stories about all things related to the science and medicine of blindness from the entire world.


World Blind herald does not write the stories to which we link in Science Briefs, we gather them, curate them and bring them to our readers. We are not scientists ourselves and cannot guarantee the validity of the stories in this digest. We do, however, want to be very clear that you should not attempt any of the medical interventions mentioned in Science Briefs without first consulting a professional ophthalmologist and discussing it with them. Do not take medical advice from this or any other web site or podcast without first consulting a professional.

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Science and Medicine

Doctors and journalists must work to dispel medical misinformation, says N.Ram

Experts at the conference say several maladies that affect the macula can instantly rob the vision resulting in central blindness. This story comes to us from: The Hindu.

Orange 'super banana': Gates-funded Ugandan scientists develop vitamin A enhanced fruit

A enhanced fruit that could help reduce blindness and save lives. This story comes to us from: Genetic Literacy Project.

Non-invasive approach predicts retinopathy of prematurity earlier

Identifies high-risk patients so all preemies don’t need to undergo an invasive eye exam. This story comes to us from: EurekAlert!

University of Galway to lead European consortium developing treatments for rare eye diseases

In Europe, approximately 30 million people suffer from blindness. This story comes to us from: Irish Medical Times.

This Quebec man could go blind at any time

When Brett Murphy developed a searing migraine one day in 2017, the busy professional and father of two young boys blamed it on fatigue, not MOGAd! This story comes to us from: CTV News.

Many dermal filler patients 'narrowly avoiding blindness

Patients run the risk of going blind by attending untrained 'pseudo-science' practitioners for dermal filler treatments. This story comes to us from: Newstalk.

Gene therapy could help fight glaucoma: discovery

. This story comes to us from: Mirage News.

Preventing Blindness

Cataract Awareness Month: Causes Of Preventable Blindness In India

As we celebrate Cataract Awareness Month, we try to explore the factors contributing to high prevalence of blindness and visual impairment. This story comes to us from:

New Study: Cataract Treatment Highly Effective

New research by the Fred Hollows Foundation has found cataract surgery provides one of the largest investment returns of any disease intervention, bolstering calls for greater spending on global eye health aid. This story comes to us from: Mirage News.

Does garri cause blindness?

Garri is one of the staple foods in West Africa that cuts across tribes and is made from processed cassava tubers that must be processed correctly to remove toxins. This story comes to us from: Punch Newspapers.

More People Are Going Blind. AI Can Help Fight It

Early detection is crucial for treating eye disease.: AI-enhanced eye scan analyses could spot warning signs quicker—and reach patients at scale. This story comes to us from: Wired.