Science Briefs – Edition 42

What's Inside

  • Doctors and journalists must fight medical misinformation.
  • Orange banana developed by Gates and others to battle vitamin A issues that cause blindness.
  • Gene therapy to fight glaucoma.
  • And, about ten more stories about all things related to the science and medicine of blindness from the entire world.

Science Briefs – Edition 27

What's Inside

  • Bogus cures for blindness and debunking myths of glaucoma.
  • One in eight Indians at risk of blindness.
  • How gene editing can prevent vision loss.
  • Large study into rare eye disorders.
  • And, about 20 articles about science, medicine and preventing blindness from all over the world.

Science Briefs – Edition 22

What’s Inside

First cure for RP using stem cells.
Injections for infants to stop premature Retinopathy, ,
Eye cancers that can lead to blindness and death.
Scientists use a bit of human brains in rats to cure blindness.
And, about a dozen other articles about the science and medicine related to blindness from all over the world.