Blindness Briefs – Edition 69

What's Inside

  • Teen develops shoes with sensors for blind pedestrians.
  • First blind to pass the bar in The Philippines.
  • Blind person turned down for job as spy.
  • Lots of stories about crimes against blind people.
  • – Federal judge refused Lyft ride due to guide dog.
  • Interesting stories about blind artists.
  • An especially big sports section this week.
  • And, about 65 more articles about blindness and blind people from all over the Earth.

Editorial By Chris Hofstader

I'm happy to say that this week our Google Alerts worked properly and we're bringing you a complete edition of Blindness Briefs. We are continuing to research alternatives and, hopefully, we'll be able to deliver more stories each week when we have more sources.

The section of this edition that jumped out at me the most was Crime. We got a lot of articles this week about blind people being the victims of both violent and economic crimes. This is a sad phenomena that is rarely discussed.

On the positive side, the Art and Sports sections are chock full of positive articles about blind people doing cool and interesting things.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Blindness Briefs.

How It's Organized

WBH Weekly Blind News Digest is a very simple page to read. The categories are at heading level 2 and the stories are links at heading level 3. So, navigation to the sections and stories you find interesting is quite simple.


Woman pedals for braille literacy

A Meridian Township woman completing a marathon on her Peloton bike to raise money for Braille Across America. This story comes to us from: WILX.


Teen develops sensor-enabled shoe to aid visually impaired

Ankurit Karmakar, a class 9 student at Rowland's Memorial High School, created the shoe to help blind people avoid obstacles while walking. This story comes to us from: Hindustan Times.

TEFI, the robot dog to guide blind people, developed by CESIC (video

He CSICthe Higher Council for Scientific Research, has developed a robot guide dog for people blind. This story comes to us from: Gearrice.

Best Free Cell Phones for the Blind and Visually Impaired

This article covers detailed information about free cell phones for the blind and visually impaired, the best available models, a buying guide, and more. This story comes to us from: World-Wire.

Blindness Organizations

Maryland School for the Blind previews its 'See Beyond' festival

The Maryland School for the Blind is hosting its second annual “See Beyond Festival” later this month. It gives the community the opportunity to experience life through a different lens. Here to tell us more and give us a little preview are Rob Hair, superintendent and CEO, and Amanda Aaron, outreach consultant, from the Maryland School for the Blind. This story comes to us from: WBAL-TV.

AFB Announces 2016 Access Awards Call for Nominations

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) today announced its official call for nominations for the 2016 Access Awards, which honor individuals, corporations and organizations that eliminate or substantially reduce inequities faced by people who are blind or visually impaired. This story comes to us from: American Foundation for the Blind.

Judy Scott, Long-Time Vision Loss Champion, to Retire from AFB

"Judy has had a wonderful impact on the lives of people with vision loss," said Carl R. Augusto, president and CEO of the American Foundation for the Blind. "She has moved mountains and expanded possibilities for countless people, particularly for those new to vision loss, who often don’t know where to turn for help, or how to move forward after their diagnosis." This story comes to us from: American Foundation for the Blind.

Qatar Charity joins hands with Al-Shifa Trust to fight against blindness

The collaboration aims to support the treatment of cataract patients in Pakistan, where the disease is prevalent. This story comes to us from: The News International.

[Prevent Blindness Announces Recipients of the 2023 Jenny Pomeroy Award for Excellence][]

Dean A. VanNasdale, OD, PhD, The Ohio State University, and Christina Ambrosino, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, named as recipients. This story comes to us from: Yahoo Finance.

National Federation of the Blind National Convention in Houston, July 1-6

Founded in 1940, the NFB is the transformative membership and advocacy organization of blind Americans. This story comes to us from: – Texas Border Business.

The National Federation of the Blind of Idaho Launches Three Public Service Announcements

For more information, contact Kevin Pirnie, Communications Director, at (208) 206-1181, or visit their website at This story comes to us from: EIN News.


University of Baguio graduate becomes Philippines' first blind person to pass the Bar

Anthony Mark Emocling graduated cum laude in Political Science and is also the son of a taxi driver. This story comes to us from: Coconuts.


Legally blind man grows his woodworking business

One man's disability is not stopping him from his passion. This story comes to us from:

Spy Agency Rejects Blind James Bond To Identify Threats

A stand-up comedian named Chris McCausland made it to the final 30 out of 3,000 applicants vying to become a new James Bond for MI5, but was rejected due to his blindness. Although his entrance was meant to be humorous, the comedian passed the vigorous application process of the MI5 graduate scheme. Only when he failed a task that required snappy identification of a threat did MI5 reject him. This story comes to us from: NNN.

Brecon blind man struggled to get paid job for 20 years

A blind man who spent 20 years searching for a job has said employers were "too frightened" to support him. This story comes to us from: BBC.

Birmingham manufacturer with disabled workforce recognised by King

Shelforce, based in Erdington, Birmingham, was originally founded in 1839 to provide work for blind people. This story comes to us from: BBC.


Disability rights advocates applaud CTA's expansion of tactile bus sign pilot

Last summer, the CTA began rolling out a new program to make riding the bus more accessible for Chicagoans with vision impairments. The pilot program involves the installation of tactile bus stop signs that feature the words “BUS STOP” in raised typeface as well as in Braille at routes throughout the city. This story comes to us from: Streetsblog Chicago.

RNIB report calls for improved accessibility on public transport for people with sight loss

RNIB's report reveals the extent of accessibility barriers faced by blind and partially sighted people on public transportation. This story comes to us from: Intelligent Transport.

Blind passenger's upset as First bus axes Westham bus number 3

Dan, who lost his vision completely two and half years ago due to pars planitis, lives with his wife Chelsea, 32, and their dog Bella in Bedford Road. This story comes to us from: Dorset Echo.

Partially blind driver should not have been on roads before Horrocks Highway tragedy

A court has heard a partially blind driver who hit and killed a much-loved grandfather north near Quorn should not have been on the road. This story comes to us from: 7NEWS.

Driver Gets off Bus to Help Blind Passenger Cross the Street

So often, we go about our days without really paying attention to our surroundings or those passing us by. But sometimes, if you stop for a little breather and actually take in what’s happening around you, you may realize there are many, everyday acts of kindness you can perform. This story comes to us from: Goalcast.

Discrimination and Inaccessibility

Legally Blind Student Denied Access to Insomnia Cookies in Uptown Greenville Due to Service Dog

Stevenson has the right to enter and access establishments that are open to the public under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This story comes to us from: Busy Body Tribune.


Blind wheelchair-bound man dies after being hit by vehicle

A motor vehicle accident claimed the life of a wheelchair bound man, who is also visually impaired, along the Orange Bay main road in Portland. This story comes to us from: Jamaica Gleaner.


Woman who shot blind husband guilty of murder

A woman who fatally shot her legally blind husband in the eye as he slept has been found guilty of murder. This story comes to us from: Kalkine Media.

Woman accused of 'enslaving' blind and disabled 'cash cow' husband as she romped with his carer

Prosecutor Paul Cavin said that the offenses on Mr Somerset-How were “deliberate exploitation and effective enslavement. This story comes to us from: MEAWW.

Self-defense classes for women in Utah

They have taught women who are partially blind, women in current domestic abuse situations who will go home to that spouse after class. This story comes to us from: KSL NewsRadio.

Affidavit: Man assaulted blind GF after he was told to help clean the house

A man has been arrested for assaulting and threatening to kill his blind girlfriend, according to Laredo police. This story comes to us from: Laredo Morning Times.

Woman charged over alleged theft from elderly visually impaired man

Woman charged over alleged theft from elderly blind man at Mt Druitt ATM. A woman has been charged after allegedly robbing a visually impaired man. This story comes to us from: 7NEWS.

Guide Dogs

A federal judge was refused a Lyft ride with his guide dog. He's not alone

U.S. Judge David Tatel had hailed a ride to court, but as soon as he got into his Lyft, the driver got out and began shouting that he would not take Tatel’s guide dog. This story comes to us from: The Washington Post.

Guide dog helps blind Somerset woman in marathon bid

A woman who is registered blind has said her guide dog has given her the confidence to run the London Marathon. This story comes to us from: BBC.

Woman raises awareness about guide dogs

A Charlotte woman who is blind is raising awareness about guide dogs. This story comes to us from: Spectrum News.


Farmhouse Pottery class action claims website contains access barriers to blind, visually Impaired

Farmhouse Pottery has failed to make its website available to customers who are visually impaired or legally blind, according to a class action lawsuit. The Farmhouse Pottery class action was filed in United States District Court in the Southern District of New York stating that visually impaired and legally blind customers cannot properly access the website, a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This story comes to us from: Top Class Actions.


Complement Therapeutics raises €72m to combat leading cause of blindness

As scientists' understanding of the complement cascade improves, we now know that complement plays a pivotal role in disease, with new insights. This story comes to us from: Mirage News.


Fashion show held at Glenmaura Golf Club

This was the first time the Lackawanna Blind Association has been able to hold the event since the start of the pandemic. This story comes to us from: WNEP.

Opinion: I am now blind – here are some tips for the sighted to help us along

Sight loss – a spectrum? This was something I overheard from a bystander some years ago in an airport on seeing my cane, 'He's blind, I think!" This story comes to us from: The Journal.

Making older Guernsey buildings accessible 'might be a challenge

Under new anti-discrimination laws, the States needs to produce accessibility action plans for its buildings by October 2028.
Janina Almeida, from the alliance, which is a support charity, acknowledged that "some of the buildings are really old and it depends what state they're in".
The States is planning accessibility audits of more than 40 of its public buildings, including Frossard House and schools. This story comes to us from: BBC.

Blind TikToker reveals what it's like doing 'the deed' with no vision

A TikToker who went blind at 16 years old has been answering 'awkward' questions for viewers – including how he 'does the deed' with his girlfriend, who he's never actually seen. This story comes to us from: Indy100.

Yashma Gill Shares Heartwarming Video Of Blind Man

Yashma Gill shared a heartwarming video of a blind man navigating his way to a mosque, reciting verses from the Holy Quran on the way. This story comes to us from: BOL News.

The woman who protects gibbons despite being almost blind

Tini Kasmawati is almost blind and relies on her memory and a makeshift cane to navigate the forest. But it hasn't stopped the food vendor from providing for a family of endangered silvery gibbons near her remote village in Indonesia’s West Java – even if it costs her half her income. This story comes to us from: YouTube.

Art and Artists

Blind 100-year-old Bletchley Park veteran's war memoirs released

Money raised by sales of the book will be donated to military charity Blind Veterans UK. This story comes to us from: BBC.

Lakewood Cultural Center hosts exhibit with visually-impaired artists

Examples of that are on full display in the center's main lobby where the team is hosting their Blind Visionaries exhibit. This story comes to us from: Denver7.

On A Positive Note: Deaf and Blind Man's Artwork A Catalyst for Inspiration

Being diagnosed with life-altering conditions like blindness is enough to send anyone into the depths of depression but not for Tony Giordano. This story comes to us from: Cheddar News.

How an iPad helped a 95% blind Cork artist to create again

Robert Fourie's degenerative condition forced him to give up painting, but a little bit of serendipity eventually brought him back to the art he loves so much. This story comes to us from: Irish Examiner.

Watch Mark Ruffalo in official teaser for 'All the Light We Cannot See

On Tuesday, audiences were given a glimpse of the new show, which follows a blind French girl named Marie-Laure (Aria Mia Loberti) and her father. This story comes to us from: ABC News.

Sports and Athletes

Beep baseball gives visually impaired, blind children opportunity to play ball

"I feel like it's a good opportunity for people who are disabled to be still able to play sports," 12-year-old Ava Sanderson said. This story comes to us from: CBS 58.

'Anyone can do it': Woman who is legally blind completes Boston Marathon

Completing the Boston Marathon is an unbelievable accomplishment for any athlete, but its especially exciting for two women from Union County. Alexandra Brown and her friend, Shannon Houlihan, were able to check the bucket list item off on Monday. Running a road race alone can be challenging. But for athletes who are visually impaired — like Brown, who became legally blind about 10 years ago — it’s a challenge accepted. “Just like anything in life, it builds character,” she said. This story comes to us from: WSOC TV.

London Marathon 2023: Blind Somerset woman running second marathon in three weeks

A woman registered blind plans to compete in the London Marathon on Sunday – just weeks after completing the same distance at the Brighton marathon. This story comes to us from: Somerset Live.

Schedule of the 2023 IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix

The draw and the schedule for the 2023 IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix, which will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, between May 23-27, are already set. This story comes to us from: International Blind Sports Federation.

After an Accident Left Him Blind, Man Gets Back Up on His Motorcycle for Another Ride

When a motorcycle accident left him blind, Dennis Thompson didn't think he would ever be able to ride again. His brother showed how he could. This story comes to us from: Goalcast.

Michigan man becomes ambassador for blind athletes

Tyler Merren is a graduate of Wayland Union High School now living in Greenville. He's excited to help people of all abilities. This story comes to us from: WZZM 13.

IBSA developing football in Kenya

The IBSA Football Sport Committee, with the support of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), delivered training in Kenya. This story comes to us from: International Blind Sports Federation.

She Tris Triathlon: Blind woman overcoming barriers to take part in first triathlon

Like many others, Amy Hatten will be taking part in her first triathlon this year as she swims, bikes and runs her way through the She Tris triathlon. But her journey to the starting line is anything but ordinary. This story comes to us from: WCIV.

Blind women in cricket: Empowering them through sports

The 2nd bilateral blind women cricket series between Nepal and India at the Mulpani cricket ground next week is another opportunity to promote the sport. This story comes to us from: The Himalayan Times.

Special school alumni in women's cricket team for blind

Deepika T.C., past student of Ranga Rao Memorial School for Differently Abled (RMSD), Mysuru, has been selected for India’s first-ever women’s cricket team for the blind. The team will represent India in the upcoming T20 bilateral series in Nepal. This story comes to us from: The Hindu.

India's first women's blind cricket team includes a bricklayer, an orphan among others

The team for the Indian women's cricket squad for the blind was announced. It includes team members come from humble and varied backgrounds and their first flight out of India to play a T20 series in Nepal next week. This story comes to us from: Mint.

Meet Priti, first DU woman to make it to women's cricket team for blind

The Cricket Association for the Blind in India (CABI) on April 11 announced the selection of India's first-ever women's cricket team for the blind. This story comes to us from: The Indian Express.

Running was my life. Could I still do it after going blind?

A woman in red pants and a competition number runs among other runners who are blurred. This story comes to us from: CBC.

Stanley Cup Visits Perkins School for the Blind

Before the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Stanley Cup visited the Perkins School for the Blind in Boston. Based in Watertown, Mass. This story comes to us from: YouTube.

People with sight loss given opportunity to take to Jurby racetrack

The charity is run by Mike Newman BEM – who's billed as the fastest blind man on the planet, clocking speeds of up to 200mph. This story comes to us from: Manx Radio.

Liverpool blind veteran running London Marathon in support of military charity

Mark Maddock, who is 49 and now lives in Austria, has been supported by Blind Veterans UK, the national charity for vision-impaired ex-Service men and women, since he was injured in a car accident and lost his sight at the age of 23. This story comes to us from: Charity Today News.

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