Blindness Briefs – Edition 65

What's Inside

  • PhD has vision for better education for blind.
  • Two men arrested for raping blind woman in India.
  • Blind woman pilots plane across a few US states.
  • Us blind soccer team makes debut in San Diego.
  • And, about ten more stories about blind people and blindness from all over the world.

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Regular readers of Blindness Briefs on World Blind Herald would immediately notice that this is a highly abbreviated edition this week. This is the result of a problem at Google with their alerts system. We build Blindness Briefs from about 25 different GoogleAlerts of which we usually get about a dozen emails per day. We have two people with the exact same terms in our alerts to ensure that if one of us has a problem with email or some other Internet related issue, we'll have a second set of information from which we can draw to build Blindness Briefs. Last week, Google appears to have had some sort of outage in its alerts system and we received no alerts at all for most of the past week so our primary source for Blindness Briefs was broken and we have only 17 articles this week.

To remedy this situation, we have been working furiously to find an alternative to GoogleAlerts. We've looked into a number of other services with varied results and will be trying the two services we found most promising to build Blindness Briefs next week and will continue researching other online tools so we can bring you the most comprehensive blindness related news digest every week.

We appreciate your patience in this matter and are working hard to get it fixed.

How It's Organized

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CEO explains how a 'leapfrog in technology' can help companies catering to the blind

Be My Eyes' Mike Buckley says AI presents a $6 trillion opportunity for businesses to perform better. This story comes to us from: Fox Business.

Blindness Organizations

Vogel to lead SD School for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Dr. Jessica Vogel, an assistant professor of education at Northern State University, will become the next superintendent for the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. According to the South Dakota Board of Regents, during her time at Northern State University, Vogel has worked alongside many of the students, teachers, and staff at the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. This story comes to us from: Dakota News Now.


Blind PhD don with vision for better schools

The young girl felt at home in the company of other children facing similar visual challenges, despite being affected by shortages of braille. This story comes to us from: Daily Monitor.


Visually impaired girl from Shimla becomes assistant professor of Music

It may not be the rarest yet but could certainly be the first of its kind in Himachal Pradesh. A 100 per cent visually impaired girl from Shimla’s remote mountain village in Chirgaon sub-division of Shimla, a PhD scholar (Music), budding singer and Election Commission of India’s brand ambassador for voters’ awareness, Muskan Negi has qualified her selection as an assistant professor of Music in the college cadre. This story comes to us from: Millennium Post.

Woman who went blind when pregnant gets work after three years job hunting

Melody Steyn sent hundreds of applications trying to get back into work. She says employers need to value more people with disabilities. This story comes to us from:


Gujarat: Police arrest two men for raping 26-year-old blind woman in Valsad

A 26-year-old blind woman was allegedly raped by two men in Gujarat's Valsad district. The woman was reportedly raped last year in August. This story comes to us from: Times Now.

Jackson County Sheriff's sergeant reunites stranded, blind man with family following scam

A sergeant with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office went above and beyond the call of duty over the weekend when he bought a bus ticket for a blind man who had been scammed and robbed of his belongings. According to authorities, Sgt. Tom Freeman had made contact with a blind man who was no longer able to stay at a hotel due to a lack of money. The man had reportedly traveled from Arkansas to Jackson under a false promise and was left to fend for himself after having all his belonging stolen. This story comes to us from: WILX.


Disability and caste bias: A shared struggle

The Supreme Court of India recently amplified this vulnerability by looking at violence against a blind Dalit woman through the lens of intersectionality. An upper-caste disabled man may have hesitation to engage and interact with people with disabilities belonging to lower castes due to prevailing caste consciousness. This story comes to us from: The Indian Express.


'I'm blind and an amazing mum – my biggest challenge isn't that I can't see

Writing for the Mirror on Mother's Day, Dr Amy Kavanagh talks through the obstacles that shaped her pregnancy and parenthood… Being a blind mum. This story comes to us from: The Mirror.

Michael McIntyre puts head in hands after blind player scoops The Wheel jackpot

Michael McIntyre welcomed the university student and content creator, who explained that he wanted to pay off his student loans if he won any money. Toby got off to a great start as he sailed through each round before making it to the final. However, towards the end of the show, it was a tense moment for all as the contestant attempted to win £45,000. "Toby has cleared The Wheel," Michael shouted in celebration. "£45,000 in the bank, an amazing sum of money. This story comes to us from: Daily Express.

Flying Blind: Woman Who Lost Most Of Her Sight Pilots Plane To Inspire Us

Even though 22-year-old Kaiya Armstrong is legally blind, she learned to fly and, with verbal guidance, flew across several states. This story comes to us from:

Woman who will go completely blind creates 'visual memory list

A woman is on a mission to complete items on a ‘visual memory list’, which includes visiting an Australian island with a population of nine and exploring Antarctica, before she goes completely blind. This story comes to us from: Times and Star.

Art and Artists

Blind pianist Tony Lu charts path to success

Blind since infancy, pianist Tony Lu has overcome a lot of obstacles to achieve what he has now. This story comes to us from: Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Sports and Athletes

USA Blind Soccer team makes debut in South Bay

The U.S. will participate in the blind soccer competition for the first time when the Paralympic Games come to Los Angeles. This story comes to us from: CBS 8.

17-year-old Odisha girl makes a mark in blind football, a goal at a time

She had almost given up before coming across blind football. Today, Subhasmita is the goalkeeper of State Women's Blind Football team. This story comes to us from: The New Indian Express.

Cricket training programme for blind women concludes

The Australian High Commission sponsored six-day cricket training for visually impaired women and girls concluded on Monday. The high commission had collaborated with the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) and Serena Hotels. The training builds on Australia’s support to the PBCC since 2018 that led to the formation of Pakistan’s first blind women cricket team. This story comes to us from: Dawn.

Punjab lifts National Women's Blind Cricket Championship title

Punjab defeated Islamabad by eight wickets in the final to annex 2nd National Women's Blind Cricket Championship here. This story comes to us from: Associated Press of Pakistan.

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