Science Briefs – Edition 30

What's Inside

  • Ocular waste recycling.
  • Is retinal transplant possible with modern medicine?
  • Causes of blindness in children.
  • And, about ten more stories about the science, medicine and prevention of blindness from the entire world.

Editorial By Chris Hofstader

Welcome to edition 30 of Science Briefs. This edition has nearly a dozen articles about the science, medicine and prevention of blindness from all over the world.

This week, I noticed that there seemed to be a focus on children and issues they face regarding vision. It was also Preventing Blindness week so we got a lot of duplicate stories regarding events surrounding that.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Science Briefs.


World Blind herald does not write the stories to which we link in Science Briefs, we gather them, curate them and bring them to our readers. We are not scientists ourselves and cannot guarantee the validity of the stories in this digest. We do, however, want to be very clear that you should not attempt any of the medical interventions mentioned in Science Briefs without first consulting a professional ophthalmologist and discussing it with them. Do not take medical advice from this or any other web site or podcast without first consulting a professional.

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Science and Medicine

Peering into ocular waste recycling

… protein that causes blindness, could lead to targeted therapies. This story comes to us from: ScienceDaily.

Is retinal transplant possible with modern medicine?

But now, there is no way some patients can avoid total blindness. Will retinal transplants be possible in the future? This story comes to us from: KBR.

Legally blind teen sees first snow fall after OHSU clinical trial

Aiden is legally blind and very sensitive to light. She struggles seeing contrast in situations like snow falling against a bright sky. This story comes to us from: KGW.

Causes of visual impairment in Nepalese Children

In relatively many children, the etiology of VI and blindness could be either prevented or treated. This story comes to us from: OPTH (Dove Medical Press)

Prevention of Blindness Week 2023: History, Significance and Tips to Prevent Vision Loss

The week aims to educate people about various eye injuries, and visual impairments, and how to avoid, treat, and cure them. This story comes to us from: News18.

HuidaGene Receives Orphan Drug Designation for Gene Therapy of Blindness

HuidaGene), a global clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on developing genomic medicine, announces that the US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted orphan drug designation (ODD) for HG004, HuidaGene's lead gene replacement therapy for the treatment of inherited retinal disease caused by RPE65 mutations. This story comes to us from: BioSpace.

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness, An Interview with Dr Saurabh Choudhry

Vision loss is a loss of sight that can have various effects on you. This story comes to us from: The Sunday Guardian.

Genetic 'spelling error' left Adelaide teen facing blindness, but eye injections saved his sight

After seeing stars in the night sky for the first time, Orlando went straight to tell his mum Susan. This story comes to us from: ABC News, Australia.

Glaucoma rising among children, says health expert

The prevalence of glaucoma in children is increasing at a rapid pace in Pakistan which requires proper intervention, according to a statement released by Al-Shifa Trust. This story comes to us from: Pakistan Dawn.

Preventing Blindness

Prevention of Blindness Week 2023 – April 1 to 7

The day also supports individuals with visual impairments, and to promote access to eye care. This story comes to us from:

Prevention of blindness week: India actively contributes to global initiative but suffers access

According to a recent study, the leading causes of blindness are cataracts … a nation that understands and advocates for the visually impaired. This story comes to us from: News9Live.