Science Briefs – Edition 37

What's Inside

  • New gene therapy for Usher F1.
  • New research on diabetes related retinal diseases.
  • Surgery helping with corneal blindness.
  • And 3 other stories about the science and medicine related to blindness from the entire world.

Science Briefs – Edition 32

  • Major progress made in blindness caused by cellular degeneration.
  • New model to examine Usher Syndrome.
  • Gene therapy used in Toronto.
  • And, about a dozen stories about the science, medicine and prevention of blindness from all over the world.

Science Briefs – Edition 23

What’s Inside

  • Cape Coast teaching hospital cures more than 1000 from cataracts.
  • First non-human primate found to have Usher Syndrome.
  • Nigeria ends treatment for river blindness in four states.
  • FDA approves new treatment for blindness in older people.
  • And, about 18 articles about science, medicine and preventing blindness from all over the world.